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Friday, November 2, 2018

Lisa Tanner Writing Review #hsreviews #mompreneurlife #workingfromhome #productivity

Lisa Tanner Writing
Being part of the Homeschool Review Crew we get to hear about and use some great products. It is really exciting when one of those products comes from a member of the Crew. Lisa Tanner is a member of the Crew and I received her new online course Balancing Diapers & Deadlines from her business Lisa Tanner Writing!
Balancing Diapers and Deadlines
Balancing Diapers & Deadlines is an online course that will help you minimize your decisions, show you how to integrate your kids into the business, and maximize productivity. The course is divided into 8 Units with several Lessons in each except the Welcome Unit. Some lessons include downloads to go with it and each lesson ends with a baby step to help balance life out. Lisa says changes don't happen overnight but you can slowly build your career as well as keeping every other area balanced.

  • Welcome to Balancing Diapers & Deadlines
  • Building Your Foundation with the Basics ~ This Unit discusses ways to get your family on board with the idea of starting a home based business and how to plan your day while remaining flexible.
  • Minimize Your Decisions~ You can free up your brain from constant decision making by giving your kids each one day, having an organized house, and having a plan for the laundry and chores. 
  • Minimize Your Decisions: The Annual Meal Plan~ This Unit title is self-explanatory. Planning meals for a whole year. Planning breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and your shopping list.
  • Sustainable Growth~ Lisa talks about getting enough sleep, setting boundaries, and making sure you have some time to yourself as well as times you should pay someone else to help you.
  • Growing Your Business with Your Kids Around~ No matter what ages your kids are there is a lesson on how to grow your business with them around and how they can help you grow your business. There are also lessons on how to get 2 1/2 extra hours per week to work by implementing family writing time and gaining new ideas with family brainstorming.
  • Boost Your Productivity~ These lessons include tips on how to make your morning and evenings work to your advantage and how to use every minute of your day even when you aren't working. 
  • Closing Thoughts~ Helps you realize you have the option where to focus your energy, time, and talents.

We have always homeschooled our five kids, I started an in-home cake decorating business 27 years ago when our oldest child was an infant, I have volunteered at our church and our local homeschool group in various areas over the years so I have always had a lot going on. To top all that off my husband is always on call and is gone around 30 hours at a time. Now that I have one daughter living at home in college and two grown kids living 4 & 24 hours away I find it harder to make time for myself and make sure I get the sleep I need and learn to say 'no' to things in my life. So I have benefited from the Sustainable Growth Unit the most. Lisa explains why I need sleep and some time just to veg for me. She suggests downtime with the kids and my husband which I already make a priority, but she also suggests time for yourself as well. One of the Action Steps for this unit is making a list of things I enjoy doing in my free time to relax and refresh. And including them in my daily schedule.

I am not a meal planner. My husband has a crazy schedule. I cook bigger meals when he is home and when he is gone we tend to eat a lot of leftovers. Lisa has an annual meal plan and now she has inspired me to start my own meal plan. Ours doesn't look like most plans because we buy a cow and a hog once a year. I can enough salsa & spaghetti sauce to last all year plus other things from our garden. So I have created ours kind of like Lisa's Themed Dinner Planner. That way we can choose what we want according to who is home and how much we need to prepare.

Lisa Tanner is a mom of eight homeschooled children. She started her freelance writing, virtual assistance, and blogging business in 2015 to help pay the bills. She has a master's degree in Elementary Reading & Literacy but left teaching other peoples children in 2012 to stay home with her own family. Her goal with Balancing Diapers & Deadlines is to help other moms' grow or start their own business.

Working from home whether you are getting paid or volunteering can be challenging at times when you are also homeschooling and taking care of the house and everything else. Lisa Tanner has done a very good job with Balancing Diapers & Deadlines. She offers so many work at home productivity tips and helps with time management for busy moms. There is so much information to help moms' with kids of all ages. Don't forget to stop by the Crew Blog to read what other Crew members thought of Balancing Diapers & Deadlines.

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