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Thursday, November 15, 2018

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Guitar 360 Method
As any parent knows providing private music lessons for your kids can get expensive especially if you have several kids or several instruments. Guitar 360 Method is a good choice for guitar lessons. We received the Semester 1 Bundle including 5 weeks of Absolute Beginner lessons, bonus songs, and the 13 weeks of Semester 1.

Guitar 360 Method is taught by Krisz Simonfalvi. He is originally from Budapest, Hungary and started taking guitar lessons at the age of 6. He became very good at classical guitar but he didn't enjoy it. He didn't really understand the guitar and quit playing after six years. As a teenager, he began to play the electric guitar and some of the fundamentals he had learned early in life came back to him. He has been touring with bands, recording in studios, and producing music since then and he figured out everything goes back to the simplest most practical method. He began teaching lessons in 2009 and has taught students of all ages in North America and Europe. The reason he teaches is to invest in others and he has had students that have gone on to win competitions.

Guitar 360 Method
With the Semester 1 Bundle, we received Semester 1, Guitar Course for Beginners, and two bonus songs.

The Guitar Course for Beginners is a three-week course for the absolute beginner.  Week 1 teaches the student the parts of the guitar, the left hand and right hand basics, how to tune the guitar and includes practice exercises. Week 2 covers chords and strumming. Week 3 combines it all together so the student can play their first song.

Semester 1 is a 13-week course for the ambitious beginner or someone that knows how to play but just wants it all to make sense to them and give them a foundation to build on. Each week starts with Krisz explaining the goal for the week. The other lessons for the week have Krisz explaining what to do. The course teaches chords, flats, sharps, notes, articulation, scales, strumming, fingerstyle, scales, intervals, triads, and more. There are practice segments, quizzes, and ear training lessons for some weeks. Once you click on your lesson you can see the video and have access to the downloads you will need for that lesson. From this screen you can also go back to the previous lesson, the next one and see the list of lessons for the week at the bottom and there is also a commnet box. Once the student completes the lesson they can mark the completed box.

Bonus Song #1 teaches students to play the unplugged version of Don't Stop Believing by Journey. Bonus Song #2 covers the gospel song Rejoice by Israel Houghton.

We have had a guitar for several years. The girls will pick it up and pick out songs & chords and Amber can teach herself to play a song but I don't consider that learning to play the guitar. She is only learning to play songs. Being busy with school, work, and her own piano students she hasn't really had the time to commit to taking guitar lessons every week as well but adding Guitar 360 Method makes squeezing lessons in easier. She has played the guitar more than anyone else in the family so she started with the Semester 1 lessons. Alaina knows nothing about the guitar so she started with the Beginner lessons. They are both learning so much from this course. Alaina is not one musically gifted so she has to spend more time per lesson. Amber picks musical things up really quickly so she is moving right along with the program. They both think the lessons are really easy to follow along and Krisz does a very good job explaining what they need to do.
Not only is Guitar 360 Method a good choice for guitar they will be adding Keys 360 Method and Drums 360 Method in the near future.
Guitar 360 Method
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The regular price for Guitar 360 Method is $149. I have a 20% off coupon code so you can purchase the course for $119.20. 

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Guitar 360 Method
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