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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

St. Bartholomew's Eve Review #hsreviews #HeirloomAudio #LiveTheAdventure #BringingHentyBack #AudioAdventures

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You know when you read a good book and you know there will be a sequel coming soon and you can't wait to read it to see what happens. That is kind of how my girls and I feel about the audio dramas from Heirloom Audio. We can't wait for each new radio theatre to be recorded. We recently received St. Bartholomew's Eve and it is just as good as the other Extraordinary Adventures of G.A. Henty. 

St. Bartholomew's Eve
Heirloom Audio produces the stories of G.A. Henty in dramatic audio dramas for ages six and up. G.A. Henty (1832-1902) was an English novelist and war correspondent. He is best known for the historical adventure stories he wrote that takes fictional characters and places them in history. The stories make learning events in history more fun and the audio dramas really bring them to life.

St.Bartholomew's Eve is recorded on two cds and last for 2 1/2 hours. It is a great recording that makes you feel like you really there. The background music, the battles, and the characters make remembering details about the Huguenot's easier than just reading them for yourself. This Heirloom Audio like the others use just the right voice actors to play each part. Of course the voice of G.A. Henty is Brian Blessed from Star Wars, Tarzan, and King Lear and this is just what we imagine his voice should sound like. Elizabeth Counsell from Chronicles of Narnia, David Shaw Parker from The Muppet Christmas Carol, Brian Deacon from Bonhoeffer & The Jesus Story, Andy Harrison from The Secret Garden, and Hugo Docking from Oliver Twist become the characters of St. Bartholomew's Eve and take us back in time.

Huguenots were French Protestants in the 16th -17th centuries that were persecuted by the Catholics. In St. Bartholomew's Eve we meet 16-year old Philip Fletcher who is English with French relatives in his mother's family. He decides to take a stand and fight in the Huguenot wars taking the side of the Huguenots. He stays with his cousin Francois in France as they both fight for the freedom to worship as they please. Philip advances himself and is recognized for his bravery and is sent on secret missions and even uses the carcass of the dead cattle in the battle plans. Philip and Francois are good examples of Godly young men through their devotion to God and their friendship with each other.  These young men keep God in their daily thoughts by referencing the Armor of God and continuing to pray while the battle is upon them.

Each Heirloom Audio story has a quote to represent the theme. The quote for St. Bartholomew's Eve is very appropriate: 

"Whom shall we obey? The King of France or the 
King of Kings?"

The first time we listened to St. Bartholomew's Eve the girls and I were on our way to a church rally a little over 2 1/2 hours away. After we got settled and on the interstate we put in the first cd and the very first track was called Skipping First Service. Well we had just had the conversation about what time we would be getting to the church building and I told them we didn't have a lot of extra time so hopefully we didn't have to stop. Alaina thought it was hilarious when the track title showed up. She said we would probably be late and be "skipping first service." We weren't late so we didn't have to skip any services.

We listened to the audio drama several times together and Alaina listened to it again. We all enjoyed the adventure for the entertainment and for the morals it teaches. Philip and Francois are both young but we get to see their bravery and their willingness to do whatever it takes to help people live for God instead of living by the King's decrees about religion.

We have reviewed all of the Extraordinary Adventures of G.A. Henty from Heirloom Audio and they are well worth the time to listen to them and we look forward to the next one to be recorded. Eighty Crew members received a copy of St. Bartholomew's Eve so make sure you read their reviews as well.

St. Bartholomew's Eve

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