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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Forensic Faith Review #hsreviews #chrisitanworldview #forensicfaith #childrensbooks

David C Cook

Who doesn't want to be a detective at least some of the time? With Forensic Faith For Kids and the Case Makers Academy from David C Cook, your kids can be one for a little while.

Forensic Faith For Kids is a 144-page softcover book recommended for children ages 8-12. This mystery book was written by a real cold-case homicide detective, J. Warner Wallace, and Susie Wallace. J. Warner has been on several crime-related tv shows as well as Dateline and Fox News. He is a former atheist but eventually turned to Christ after using his detective skills to investigate the Bible to see if it was true and if Jesus Christ is the son of God. He went on to obtain a master's degree in theological studies. Susie has a master's degree in speech therapy and she co-writes and edits all of their books. They have raised 4 children in southern California and have also written Cold-Case Christianity For Kids and God's Crime Scene For Kids.

Forensic Faith for Kids
Kids often have a lot of questions about Christianity before and after they become a Christian. They are also often asked questions about Christianity from their friends and peers and they don't always know how to answer them. Forensic Faith helps kids develop investigative skills to be able to answer those questions. There is also an adult version of the book and everyone can use the Case Makers Academy.

Forensic Faith For Kids finds the Junior Detective Cadets Daniel, Jason and Hannah defending the truth about Jesus while they are trying to solve the mystery of a puppy that shows up out of nowhere. Detective Jeffries helps them use their detective skills to solve these cases.

Throughout the book are grey boxes that give the kids Detective Definitions, CSI Assignments, Dig Deeper and A Tool for Your Detective Bag box. These include Bible verses with questions, definitions that detectives normally use, and thought questions. And there is a Certificate of Qualification in the back of the book for the child when they are finished.

The Case Maker's Academy goes right along with the book. For each chapter there are short video segments, Training Activity Sheets, Academy Notebook Sheet, and an Adult Leader Guide. The videos give an introduction to the new chapter to help the kids think about the key points that are coming up. The Leader Guide gives the parent or teacher an introduction to the concepts and includes questions that would be good to ask the kids to making what they just read practical in their life.

Even though Alaina is older than the recommended age level for the book she still enjoyed reading it. She liked how it made her feel like a detective while she was looking for clues, and she enjoyed the story line. The way J. Warner gets the kids thinking about the clues can be a big help in getting them to not only pay attention to details while they are reading books but also when they are reading their Bible. After reading this book I may have to add the adult Forensic Faith book written by J. Warner Wallace to our reading list for the older girls and myself.

David C Cook
Forensic Faith
Case Makers Academy
Forensic Faith for Kids {David C Cook  and  Case Makers Academy Reviews}
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