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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Kingdom Files Review #hsreviews #KingdomFiles #BiographiesForKids

Barbour Publishing
Barbour Publishing has a new biography series for kids ages 8-12 called the Kingdom Files. There are six books available and we received Who is Jonah? and Who Was Mary, Mother of Jesus?
The Kingdom Files
In this new biography series, kids get to investigate the lives of important people from the Bible. Each paperback book in the series is 5.25"X7.5" and is 95 pages long and includes a few black and white drawings. Randomly throughout the book, there are Clue Boxes with things to think about to help you see how they apply to you. The books are divided into three sections:

  • Fact Files~ Contains key information about the character of the book.
  • Action Files~ Shows the Bible events with the character in action. 
  • Power Files ~ This last file section includes information & memory verses to see how God is working in your life.

The Kingdom Files were written by Matt Koceich. He is an elementary school teacher and also wrote the IMAGINE series also published by Barbour Publishing. He hopes that by reading these books kids will see the bigger picture of God and know how much He loves them.

The Fact Files in Who Was Jonah? tells us what he did and the years he was active. It also includes a map, timeline, and key stats about him. Most of the book is in the Action Files where we learn about Jonah and what he did. Not only do we learn about Jonah but there is also information on things that make his adventures important. When the storm rages and the crew throws the cargo overboard to lighten the load. Kids may not realize that the cargo would be how these people earned their money but this fact is included in the story. Matt also references other parts of the bible that relate. He tells the kids about God creating the giant sea creatures from Genesis and he shows how Jonah was in the belly of the fish three days just as Jesus was in the tomb for three days. The Clue boxes contain little reminders for us of how God will listen and that He loves us. There are 10 Power-Ups in the Power Files. Each of these pages includes a memory verse and something that we can take away from the story of Jonah.

Who Was Mary, Mother of Jesus? Fact File includes a timeline, key stats about her and her kingdom work and years. The Action Files tells us about Jesus being born and takes us through Jesus life where his mother is concerned. The foretelling of the birth of Jesus, Mary's song, the wedding at Cana and where Jesus gives Mary to John at the Crucifixion are all included. There are bible verses included throughout that relate to the story being told. There are also 10 Power-Ups in the Power Files for this book.

The Kingdom Files are recommended for children ages 8-12. Alaina is already 13 and these books are definitely below her reading level but she did still enjoy reading them. She already knows the stories of Mary & Jonah and she read through both books pretty quickly. I think this is a good series. They would make great beginning chapter books and you could have your child look up all the verses in their own bible to get them familiarized with where they are.

There are also games and educator resources available on the website. Decoder activities, word searches, trading cards, trivia cards and more.

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