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Thursday, September 6, 2018

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Analytical Grammar was created by Robin Finley and has been around for a while. Her daughter, Erin Karl is now the owner of Analytical Grammar, LLC. Erin along with Jerry Bailey decided they wanted to use the same concept to create GrammarPlanet. Erin brings her grammar knowledge and Jerry's skills come from developing an online version of WordBuild: A Better Way to Teach Vocabulary.

GrammarPlanet is an online grammar, punctuation, and usage curriculum that will help you master the mechanics of English. Children ages 10 and up along with adults can become better writers or improve their test scores.

There are 13 units out of 60 completed right now.   GrammarPlanet is free to use or you can purchase the ad-free version for $39. You will have access to the entire program in the free or paid version for as long as you want to use it.

This program teaches grammar by parsing and diagramming sentences. The first lesson starts with nouns, then proper nouns, articles & adjectives, pronouns, and so on for 60 lessons. Each unit will build on the one before it. If you aren't familiar with parsing sentences it is where you pick out every word in a sentence and label it with its function within the sentence. Sentence diagramming starts in unit 6. No matter what age or grade level the student is everyone will start at Unit 1. The computer program is designed to move student's quickly through the section they are good at and give them practice when they need it.

When I first received access to GrammarPlanet I created my parent account and then added each one of my students. From the parent dashboard I can see each student's progress and their overall grade. I can also generate a report to see all my students' overall grade and their grade for each unit. If I choose one student I can also see how they answered every sentence for each unit that has been completed. If a student misses to many problems for one unit they will be locked out until I reset the unit for them.

Each student has their own account. Each unit includes a PDF of notes to be printed and the lesson starts with a teaching video. During the video segment, the student will be asked a couple of questions about the topic. After watching the video there are sentences to be parsed to practice what was taught before taking the test. The activities are responsive to how the student answers them. If they need a little longer to understand they will get more practice before the test. There is no time limit so the student can take their time.

Delaney and Alaina have been using GrammarPlanet. When they are parsing the sentences they will click on the word in the sentence and choose its correct function from a pop-up box. Once they are finished with the sentence the words that are marked incorrectly will be highlighted red. If they miss too many they will be locked out and it must be unlocked in the parent account.

My girls have been using this for several weeks. It is very easy to use the student doesn't have to remember what unit they are on the will be taken to the correct place each time. They cannot move ahead until they complete the previous unit with a passing grade. They have both been locked out of a unit which at first we all thought was frustrating. But having them locked out showed me that they were struggling with that lesson and I could help them see what they were doing wrong. Once it was unlocked they could go through it again to improve their skills and their grades.

GrammarPlanet is free so you have nothing to lose by trying it. If you get tired of the ads then you can upgrade to the paid version. Don't forget to head over to the Crew Blog and read what other members had to say about it.

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