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Thursday, August 30, 2018

Apologia Health & Nutrition Review #hsreviews #apologiascience #homeschool #HighSchoolHealth #HealthandNutrition

Every school year at least one of my kids uses something from Apologia Educational Ministries. This year we are using their new homeschool Health and Nutrition curriculum for students in 8-12 grade. 

 Exploring Creation With Health and Nutrition Basic Set was written by Dr. Laura Chase. The course comes with the hardcover textbook and one spiral bound Student Notebook. I ordered an additional Student Notebook so both Delaney and Alaina could study Health & Nutrition this year. The textbook contains a passcode to access the book extras from which includes the Solutions Manual and Learning Aids. There is also a free Activity Book to go with the course.

This 441-page hardcover textbook contains colorful pictures and illustrations and is recommended for high school students or mature eighth graders. The course is worth one high school credit and can be completed in one semester or can be spread out over the course of one year. There are 15-Modules that cover the physical, nutritional, emotional, and spiritual aspects of growing up. This is a complete health course so you may want to look through it before just giving it to your children. It includes topics on reproductive systems, sexual misconduct, pregnancy, pornography, STDs as well as drug and alcohol abuse, and depression.

Each Module starts with a Powerhouse Update. This is a couple of paragraphs about what was discussed in the previous chapters and how it will tie into what you will be studying in the current module. There are On Your Own questions asked throughout that help the students better understand what was just discussed. There are also Think About This boxes that give students a real-life example of the topics. The answers for the On Your Own questions are included at the end of each module and it is recommended the student check their own answers. If they miss the question they should review the topic until they understand it and move on.

The Student Notebook is a 366-page spiral bound notebook. It contains a grading rubric for projects, a grade recording chart, and a suggested daily schedule. Each Module starts with lined pages for note taking, all the On Your Own questions and room to answer them, project directions, worksheets, and a study guide. All the Module Tests are in the back of the notebook.

I have been using this course with Delaney & Alaina. We started this review using the suggested three day a week lesson plan because we were officially still on summer break. Now that we have started our new school year they have started working on it five days a week. They started out reading about why they should study health, genetics, DNA, nature versus nurture, and dominant temperament. They really enjoyed the projects on figuring out their dominant temperament. They read through definitions of each temperament they had fun picking out what everyone in the family is. Then they took the Temperament Test to see if they were right.

In Module 2 they learned about the Physical Influences on Thoughts and Feelings. It talks about the nervous system, the brain, adrenal glands, the thyroid, and hormones. We spent a little extra time while studying the adrenal glands because my mother had Pheochromocytoma a couple of years ago. They had a first-hand experience to see how this affected her entire body and how the Dr. and specialists kept checking for things based on each individual symptom instead of what could cause them all.

The girls are now working on Module 3, Mental Emotional Stability. This chapter includes self-care tips, attention spans, and distractions. One of the projects they will do this week is a Digital Media Fast for 24 hours. Since some of their school is online they are a little excited about this. We shall see how they feel about it when they can't use their phones at all.

Looking farther into the course it talks about overcoming loneliness with acts of service, nutrition, vitamins, health problems, different body systems and exercise. This course was very thought out and is from a Chistian prespective which I am very happy to have especially when talking about the reproductive system and mental illnesses. Another thing I like is the Consider a Health Profession pages. These pages talk about different jobs within the medical field that students could consider doing that they may not have ever thought of.

This course not only teaches health and nutrition it shows teens how to be healthy and take care of themselves both mentally & physically.

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