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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Progeny Press Review #hsreviews #Literature #StudyGuides #UnitStudies #ReadingComprehension

Progeny Press
Delaney is my writer and she has been trying to expand her writing by choosing themes that she wouldn't normally write about. One thing I thought might help her is reading good literature that she wouldn't normally choose for pleasure. When we were offered the Perelandra - eGuide from Progeny Press to review I knew it would be a good choice for her.

Perelandra is the second book of a space trilogy written by C.S. Lewis. You do not have to read book one Out of the Silent to enjoy Perelandra. C.S. Lewis wrote this book during WWII. While the Nazi regime was conquering their neighbors Lewis created his fictional characters to battle the evils with creatures on other planets.

The Perelandra -eGuide is 58-pages and should take eight to ten weeks to complete. Not only do you need the book Perelandra but as with all high school guides Progeny Press recommends you have a good dictionary, a thesaurus, encyclopedias, a Bible, and the Internet will be helpful sometimes.

This eGuide contains a section for all 17 chapters of the book, a note to the instructor, a book synopsis, background information on when it was written, information on C.S. Lewis, a synopsis of Out of the Silent Planet, prereading activities, an essay & activity section as well as additional resources and the answer key.

Progeny Press recommends working through the prereading activity of your choice while reading the book the first week. The next week the student will complete the rest of the study guide while using the book to reference. This works well because some of the questions require cross-reference with other parts of the story.

The prereading activities include reading other works to compare them to Perelandra, creative writing, research, biblical comparison, and more.

There are eight sections covering the 17 book chapters. Some of the sections cover one chapter, some cover two, and others cover three. They are all set up in the same way but with varying activities. They all start with a vocabulary section, questions, analysis, and a Dig Deeper section. Some of the vocabulary sections include fill in the blank, matching, writing out definitions. The question section are short answer questions about what was read. The analysis section contains more thought questions as we look at why things happened. Bible reading and writing about personal experiences are just a couple of the different things included in the Dig Deeper section.

The essay & activity section gives the student options for rewriting sections of the book, creating artwork from something described in the book, Bible reading and comparisons, and more to choose from. The additional resources include other books written by C.S. Lewis and ones that are similar to Perelandra.

This is not the first literature study we have used from Progeny Press so Delaney knew what to expect from it. This is something she likes to work through by herself. Sometimes we do literature questions out loud to further our discussion, but with these, she likes to work through them on her own The reason I wanted Delaney to use this eGuide is to help her break out of her writing niche. I like how Progeny Press helps you notice how authors create their stories and I'm hoping this helps Delaney. This is not a book Delaney would have chosen to read on her own, she has been enjoying it and she feels the questions in the eGuide have really helped her understand the themes and ideas in the book.

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