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Friday, June 1, 2018

Study Bible for Women Review

I love books. The physical book that I can hold and turn the pages. I read a lot of older books, but I also enjoy the smell of new books and just how clean they look and feel. Bibles are the same for me. I really like my bible app for when I only have a few minutes to read or if I am somewhere that I didn't bring my bible. Bibles get a lot of use at our house not only by me but my family as well.

I recently received a new Christian Standard Bible from Holman, The Study Bible For Women. Starting with just looks this bible is very pretty on the inside and out. This is a hardback book and includes a lot of extras. There are commentary notes, word studies, character profiles, maps, charts, timelines, concordance, and more.  

In the front of the Bible, there is a presentation page, family tree pages for the husband and wife, a wedding page, and even pages for family milestones and spiritual mothers. The next section offers tips on studying the bible and reference charts. Each book of the Bible has an introduction, timeline, and an outline. Throughout each book there are colorful maps, colored boxes with word studies, character profiles, and topics for biblical womanhood. 
I have been reading this bible the last couple of months and I am really liking it. One of my favorite things is the timeline and outline at the front of each book. Even though I can tell you the main points of each book in the bible the outline helps me remember some of the things you don't always remember and it helps me see the bigger picture of the whole book. The timelines include prominent biblical events in white letters and world events in black type. I love this. Even when we study history in our homeschool the main point I try to get my kids to remember is a mental timeline and approximate dates instead of becoming frustrated with memorizing exact dates. 

Alaina wanted me to make sure and mention that this bible has two ribbon bookmarks. She really likes that because if I am using one to keep my place where I am reading she can also mark her page with the other one. She is 13 and I think she may try and keep this Bible for herself.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of The Study Bible For Women free of charge from FrontGate in order to write this review. No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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