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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Silverdale Press LLC Review #hsreviews #HomeschoolWritingCurriculum

Persuasive Writing and Classical Rhetoric
As a homeschool parent, we learn real quick that all of our kids learn differently. What is easy for one may not be easy for the next one. Delaney is my writer and she is always writing stories. She likes writing curriculum that helps her become a better writer. She doesn't do well when a homeschool writing curriculum forces her to write a certain way. Lately, she has been using Persuasive Writing and Classical Rhetoric: Practicing The Habits of Great Writers from Silverdale Press LLC.

This curriculum teaches students in grades 9-12 how to write persuasively. It does this by practicing these habits: writers write, writers read, and writers think. It does provide step-by-step instructions for writing a persuasive essay but it also allows for creativity. That is why Delaney is really liking this curriculum because it doesn't force her to put her writing into a box.

Throughout the course, the student reads about a great writer or rhetorician and something they have written. They will also define key terms, answer questions, complete exercises, and write a paper from a given prompt. The 36-week course comes with everything you will need. A 235-page Lesson book, a 202-page workbook, a 111-page Reader, and a 65-page Answer Key. The course tells you how to use the program and talks a little about the parents' role. Each lesson starts out explaining what the outcome will be and has a schedule for the student to follow. The 31 reading assignments were written by great writers including Jane Austen, Daniel Webster, Abraham Lincoln, Eleanor Roosevelt, and many more. There is also an answer key with all the answers and a rubric for grading the 500-word essay and the final essay.

Delaney has had some short stories published in an online magazine so when I showed her this writing course she immediately went to the back of the lesson book to read about what real writers do, habits to form, and tips on getting published. She was very surprised that she already practices some of these tips every day. She then went back to Lesson 1 to actually begin the course. She finds it very easy to use and she knows exactly what needs to be completed each day and week. Although she could spend the entire day working on her writing if she didn't have anything else to do. She likes how this course is set up by looking at other writers and learning from them and their work. I like the rubric that is included in the Answer Key it really helps in grading her writing. Delaney also said that she is becoming more organized in her thoughts and she is realizing outlines can be a great benefit to her persuasive essay writing and her short stories.

Since we homeschool high school I want to make sure I challenge my kids in their favorite subjects without making it something they dread. Delaney hasn't liked a lot of writing curriculum we have used in the past but she really likes how Classical Rhetoric: Practicing The Habits of Great Writers is working for her.

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