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Friday, April 13, 2018

Princess Cut Movie Review #hsreviews #PrincessCut #romanticdrama #Christianfilm

Watchman Pictures
Being part of the Crew has allowed us to review full sets of curriculum, supplements, unit studies, books, and even movies. This time we received Princess Cut from Watchman Pictures.
Princess Cut The Movie
Princess Cut is a full-length Christian film about finding the right person to marry. Grace is a farm girl that has dreamed of finding Mr. Right her whole life. The soybean farm in North Carolina where Grace lives has been in the family for years and she has been dating Stewart for 15 months. Stewart is away at college and when he tells Grace he has something special planned she assumes he is going to propose. Her hopes are crushed when the special evening includes several of his friends and announces that he has proposed to someone else. She moves on to another guy that doesn't treat her right and tries to pressure her into doing things she isn't comfortable doing. She confides in her worldly friend that recommends a counselor to help her sort out her problems. This counselor basically tells Grace she should have a trial marriage so she could figure things out, but Grace wants a marriage like her parents that will last forever. Discouraged and unsure what to do she confides in her mom and they talk to her dad. Together they decide the dad will have more say in the relationships Grace has. The neighboring farm is sold to a young doctor and he comes around to help with the soybean crop when the combine is broken. This young man approaches the father to ask if he may pursue Grace for possible marriage. Things seem to be going well for the two of them until an ex-girlfriend teams up with an ex-boyfriend to cause trouble. In the end, love wins out and Grace gets the proposal she has longed for.

Princess Cut gets its name because in the film we see Grace window shopping for engagement rings and that style is her favorite. This is a romantic drama, but there are several life lessons to be gotten from it as well. Grace's dad has a nice talk with her and uses a soybean seed packet to illustrate love because you can't harvest what hasn't been planted. Earlier in the movie, the mom and dad are discussing how Grace feels about Stewart. The dad is concerned that Grace is giving away her heart too soon. That makes me think that Grace was reading more into her relationship with Stewart than he was and that is why he could propose to someone else and she was shocked about it.

I watched Princess Cut with my three teenage girls. We enjoyed watching just for the sake of watching it and there were a lot of things to discuss while we watched the film and afterward. We all loved the little brother. He puts an ad in the newspaper about his sister making the best mac n cheese and wanting to get married. We see all these different types of guys show up at their house which was very funny at the time but it did show what some people really expect or want out of a spouse. Not only could we discuss romantic relationships we also discussed her friend. She was very worldly-minded and was actually pulled Grace down. We wondered why Grace was friends with her, but we do have people in our lives that have been there for a long time and have become more worldly over time and we are still "friends" with them but not in the same way. We do not let them influence us in our decision making and we wondered why Grace allowed that. The movie does end well for Grace and the Dr. when he proposes to her.

The actors and actresses have been in several movies before including War Room, 90 Minutes to Heaven, Courageous, Torn, Trainwreck, and more.

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