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Thursday, March 15, 2018

NatureGlo's eScience Review #hsreviews #escience #natureglo #math

natureGlo's eScience
My kids and math don't always get along. My adult son loves it and is taking a lot of higher level math classes at a university. My girls, on the other hand, are fine with math they can see. They get money, time, fractions, all basic math but when it comes to higher levels they struggle with it. NatureGlo's eScience helps students see the connection between mathematics, art, nature, science, and history in their MathArt Online 4-Class Bundle. 

MathArt Online
The MathArt Online 4-Class Bundle helps students see math differently by using history, science, nature, and art. All 4 classes last 6 weeks and is recommended for students ages 10 and up. We had access to all 4 classes in the bundle that includes Math Connections with the Real World, MathArt in Ancient Cultures, Mathematics in the Arts & Sciences, MathArt - Patterns in Nature. Alaina used Math Connections with the Real World. 

Math Connections with the Real World covers Fibonacci numbers. There are six lessons starting with an introduction and the history of the Golden Ratio and Fibonacci numbers. The lessons then go on to show us how these relate to the real world in art, history, literature, nature, and music. We learned from Cleopatra & Egyptian Tombs, looked at nature and rabbit breeding, talked about mathematics in music and looked at musical instruments, and more.  

Included in the lessons are pdf files to download which include PowerPoint presentations, project handbooks, lapbooks, and study guides. There are video segments to watch, activities to complete, literature suggestions, and additional web resources. When you start each lesson you have a numbered list of exactly what needs to be completed and once the student is finished there is a button to select to show the work is completed. The math concepts include addition, subtraction, multiplication, percents, squaring, cubing numbers, and high school geometry and algebra.

MathArt in Ancient Cultures takes us back to Ancient Babylon & Plimpton 322, covers Ancient Greek math and the Platonic Solids, Ancient India, Zellige Moroccan Tiles, and more.

Mathematics in the Arts & Sciences talks about Renaissance Artist Piero della Francesco, Patterns in Nature, Aborigianl Art & Celtic MathArt, and Fractals in Nature and Technology.

MathArt - Patterns in Nature looks at circular patterns, animal coat patterns, geometrics of the universe, the hexagon, and more. 

Sometimes it is hard to put down the textbook and just study something for fun instead of just to learn it. We can do that with any subject besides math because I'm always afraid my girls will get more frustrated with numbers if we don't stick to what we are doing every day. My girls have always struggled with math and that is one textbook that we use every day. The MathArt Bundle has been a good way to take a step back and look at math a little different. By combining math with subjects Alaina loves has helped her see math as being more relevant to her everyday life. 

The classes are set up to last 6 weeks each and there are enough activities and resources to pick and choose which ones to complete. If you decide to finish them all it will probably take you longer than 6 weeks to finish. 

The MathArt Bundle can be used with the entire family or the classes are also available live. This would give your student a chance to attend class with students around the world. Be sure and check out what other Homeschool Review Crew members thought about MathArt and watch the free sample class on beluga whales

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