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Sunday, March 4, 2018

KitchenAid Mixer Update #kitchenaid #purple

I can't remember when I first purchased my KitchenAid 6-quart Professional series stand mixer. It could have been as far back as 20 years. I bought a white one and I have been very happy with it. I have used it for my in-home cake business the whole time that I've owned it & it has seen a lot of use. It still works great, but the paint job had some scratches, stains, and just didn't look that pretty any more. Now that I am no longer making cake as a business I decided it was time to make it look new again. I'm sure I have a picture of it when I first bought it, but I didn't want to go back and find one & I'm sure you all know what a white KitchenAid mixer looks like.

I decided to paint it purple. I figured if the purple I had purchased didn't match the rest of the purple in my house I could just paint it again. But I am very happy with the end results.

I should have taken more pictures of how I taped it off, but I was just so excited to get it finished. Of course, I decided to paint it in the middle of winter. We had a nice day so I decided to paint it outside and then carry it back in to dry. Inside the garage was colder that day than out in the sunshine.

This is the way to paint in the winter. After I sprayed it I carried it back inside the house to dry. 

I was very surprised at the color while I was outside and was a little worried about it matching once I brought it inside.  

 The color looks so much better inside my house.

 It didn't turn out the exact color as my curtains, but when they aren't right together it's hard to tell the difference. 

 I love how it turned out. 
What about you? Would you like to repaint yours?

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