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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Drive Thru History Adventures Review #hsreviews #drivethruhistory #drivethruhistoryadventures #adventurelearning

Drive Thru History Adventures
I know when it comes to retaining new information my kids (and myself) remember so much more if we can see, hear, or touch what we are learning. Some things we need to know in life this is impossible, but the best example of this is U.S. history, geography, and map skills. My kids know a lot about each state just because we take a lot of road trips while we go on vacation or to visit family. Of course, we don't have enough vacation time or money to visit everywhere we want to go so homeschool video curriculum is the next best thing. Actually, it may be even better using the Drive Thru History Adventures with Dave Stotts. Drive Thru History Adventures
Last year we reviewed Drive Thru History The Gospels which was a DVD set. This time we received a year subscription to Drive Thru History Adventures that gives us access to the Bible History Adventures, American History Adventures, and Ancient History Adventures. The Bible History Adventures contains 18 lessons and the American and Ancient History Adventures are taught in 12. It is recommended for children ages 12 and up, but younger children can enjoy the video content. 

After purchasing the annual subscription you can access all the video content from the three courses on a free app called Adventures TV.  There are also Dave's Adventures, Side Roads, Behind the Scenes, and Dig Deeper video segments to view. 

If you utilize Drive Thru History Adventures online you have access to so much more. All of the video content is available for each course as well as all the extra segments, curriculum, additional resources, a community, and dashboard. 
When you first login you will see your dashboard where you can find out about the newest resources, latest social media activities, and the newest adventures that Dave has been on. This is a great place to help you get started and to recheck often. 

Drive Thru History Adventures
The Curriculum is easy to find under its own tab. Once you choose the course you are studying you will have a 30-minute video where Dave Stott takes you on a trip to the actual location where history took place. Dave talks to us about that particular time in history, the people during that time, or things that were happening while driving. We have been watching American History Adventures and he drives a red jeep. Dave takes us to historical locations to make what he is talking about very memorable. 
Drive Thru History Adventures

After watching the video there is further reading including a video summary, real documents, pictures, art, quotes, discussion questions, worksheets, an answer guide, and topics for further study. The worksheets, answer keys, and the reading material can be downloaded and/or printed. 

We have been using the American History Adventures. All the courses teach the truth and are taught from a Christian perspective. The 12 lessons take us from Columbus to the Constitution. We learned about the pilgrims, the founding fathers, visited Virginia and New York and so much more. My youngest is 13 so my kids can easily access the course themselves. We had a few extra teenagers for a couple of days during the review period and they joined my girls when it came time for our lesson. We all watched the lesson together and then looked at the pictures and artwork that is included. After that, the girls would read the documents themselves and afterward we would go through the questions together. Dave keeps the video segments real, he seems very down to earth and looks like he is having fun. He adds a little humor to each lesson and it doesn't feel like you just had a history lesson.

If you are interested in subscribing to Drive Thru History Adventures you can receive a free DVD copy of the Gospels from there webpage or there is a coupon code in the Winter Edition of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine.
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Drive Thru History Adventures

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