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Friday, February 23, 2018

Bytes of Learning Review #hsreviews #typing #keyboarding #onlinelearning

UltraKey Bytes of Learning
Typing is a skill that everyone in today's world should know how to do. Alaina is the only one left of my kids that doesn't know how to type so we have been using UltraKey Online Family Subscription from Bytes of Learning for her to learn and for Delaney to perfect her typing and work on increasing her speed. 

Bytes of Learning offers UltraKey, a keyboarding tutor for individuals, families, or school use. It is available as a download or an online subscription and prices vary. We received the online family subscription for up to 8 students. It can be purchased for 3 users for $29.95, 5 users for $39.95 and 8 users for $49.95. That will give your family one year access along with a free parental account. After the year is over there are no worries about being charged for another year because they only renew your subscription at your request. It is recommended for children ages 8-adult but can be successfully used by children as young as 5.

Our account was very easy to set up. I received a registration link with a subscription key. If you purchase the program you will receive the same thing. After logging in I was able to create an account and password for each of my kids. We have a unique link to access our account and each of the kids have their own password. It is set up where you are the only ones that have access to your account and the usernames and passwords can be very simple. 

In the parental account, I can set goals for each of my kids, manage the instructional settings, and create reports, I also have access to the complete program. When the child logs in they can go to their account or their instructions. In their account, they can change their passwords. The instruction section is where they will go to access the course.

Typing is taught in 12 lessons including proper posture and finger positioning. There are movie segments to watch before starting. The lessons start by teaching letters, then letter strings, words, and then sentences, the shift key is taught in lesson 6. Stretching exercises and tips are given as well as skills tests that need to be passed before moving on. There is also a typing forum where students can take typing tests or type anything they want and a game section for more practice. Students can set their own goals or if you are a beginner you can have the program set the goals for you. Once you complete the program the student will receive a certificate and be encouraged to go through the program again to graduate with a higher score. The lessons are automatically read out loud, but my kids preferred not to listen to it. This would be great for young typers that can't read or are just learning to read.  
UltraKey Online Family Edition

Alaina was already familiar with a keyboard but didn't know how to type properly so she started at the beginning and she has been working her way through the program. Delaney already knows how to type so she has been using it to increase her speed and accuracy. Alaina accessed the program using an HP laptop and Delaney used her MacBook. It can also be used with an iPad or Chromebook with keyboards and any major web browser.

I love the online aspect of this typing program. It allowed my girls to access the program on their own laptops without having to wait for someone to finish their turn like we would have to do with a download.

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