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Friday, January 12, 2018

Five Minute Friday Simplify #fmf #iamwriting

This weeks Five Minute Friday prompt is Simplify. I am a little late, but our internet was out for a couple of days. I could have went to the library, but I we had snow on the ground and it has been really cold, so I decided to stay home and work on a project which goes perfectly with the prompt this week.

This is so appropriate for me this week. I have been thinking about going through all of our books for a while now. My kids are all getting older and I know we won't read most of what we have again and I am more than happy to pass them along to other families to enjoy. I started my project last week and with 12 bookshelves in the house it hasn't been an easy task. As we clear each shelf there are so many memories for us all. I still read out loud to my family every night before bed and some of these books I have read more than a few times. We have collected so many books over the years...... mysteries, romance, vikings, both fiction and non-fiction. 72 Saddle Club books, more than 20 Children of American Heroes and about the same amount of Landmark books plus so many more. By reading these books aloud I have transported my children on many adventures around the world and introduced us to so many people that we will remember throughout our lives. We may not remember everything we have read, but we can remember the times we have spent together on our adventures not to mention the times they travelled these books on their own. I just hope that the families that receive these adventures and meet these people will appreciate how special they were to my family.

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BARBIE said...

What a collection of books you've built up through the years. I am sure some are hard to get rid of, but think of all the space you will have? Thanks for stopping by this week from the #fiveminutefriday!

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