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Monday, December 4, 2017

She Reads Truth Bible Review #SheReadsTruth #ReadYourBible

I love waking up before everyone else in my family, it is always so quiet and peaceful. This time of year is even better, it is still dark out and my Christmas lights just add to the peaceful mood. One thing I enjoy in those quiet moments is reading my Bible. Sometimes I will read straight through, sometimes I will study a topic or person. Lately, I have been reading from the She Reads Truth Bible which is the Christian Standard Bible version.

This Bible is very pretty!! It is hardback bound and comes in a slipcover. Each book has an introduction that includes a verse of scripture artfully written, a reading plan, and an introduction to the book. Some books include a devotional, colorful timelines, full-color maps or charts, and the margins are large for journaling or note-taking. This Bible also includes two colored ribbons and the edge of the first page in each book is colored according to its genre. There is also a section on how to read the Bible, a list of key verses, a genre guide, and a plan to read the bible in one year.

The key verses included at the beginning of each book are not only pleasing to look at they make an outline of the Bible when they are put together. I think memorizing these 66 verses are easier when they are beautifully written because it creates a picture in your mind of the words. The introduction of each book is brief but contains quite a bit. The charts are also very helpful. The chart that is at the beginning of Psalms contains verses that show verses in that book about Christ.

I have been enjoying using the She Reads Truth Bible. It is very pretty and my youngest daughter turns into a teenager next week and she has also been reading this Bible. She let me know that she would like to have it because it is prettier than the one she reads normally. She loves the color and we both think it is very pretty. I really like the timeline to put the pieces together in the order they should be.

The Christian Standard Bible is a modern English Bible translation of the Christian Bible. It captures the original meaning without compromising clarity. It blends accuracy and readability. She Reads Truth Bible is from Holman Bible Publishers. Their goal is to have women to read God's word every day.

This is a great Bible to use for your daily devotions or Bible study. There is a giveaway going on for seven She Reads Truth Bibles if you would like to try and win your own.

Disclaimer: I received the She Reads Bible free of charge to review for B&H Publishing by FrontGate Media.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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