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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Christmas Traditions #gingerbreadhouses

We have a lot of holiday traditions. Some of the traditions I wanted to create with my own kids has grown to include so many more over the years. I can't remember exactly what year I started making gingerbread houses with my oldest son, but I'm pretty sure we have made them every year. 

At first, it was just my kids and I. Then I had some friends that wanted their kids to make one too. For a long time we made them at my house. My table seats 10 people comfortable, but you can get more when you are standing up working on something. One year we had so many kids and adults, that I had to schedule two different times. The next year I decided to make them at our church building. This year we had 31 people decorating a house. They ranged from toddlers to older adults. 
Every year I bake all the ginerbread and shop for all the candy. The last several years hasn't been that bad, because my kids are old enough to help me with that. Plus they love shopping for all the candy. 

Some people love making gingerbread houses and want to make one with us every year and some people never want to make one again. 
It is fun to watch everyone. Some people have to set their house up several times because they either used too much icing or they didn't let it set for a minute before adding a bunch of candy. 

Some of the houses end up with a lot of candy, and other houses have more icing for a more snowy scene. I actually like to sprinkly my house with a little powdered sugar when I'm finished to give it a fresh fallen snow look but some people don't appreciate taking those home because the powdered sugar tends to blow off. 

This is just one of our many Christmas traditions. What are some of your favorites traditions?

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