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Thursday, September 28, 2017

The Phoenix September 2017 Issue

The newest edition of The Phoenix has been published. I just want to say this magazine is a wonderful thing for homeschool high school students to participate in. It allows them an outlet for their creativeness and encourages them to try their best.

Delaney entered another story and two photos to go with it this time. When we were at my dad's farm in Indiana this summer he told us about a graveyard on the adjoining farmland. This is no ordinary graveyard. This is where a doctor from Madison, Indian buried black people when no one else cared. That is really all we know about the graveyard, but it makes you wonder what kind of man this doctor was and then I start comparing him to doctors today. He had compassion on those that everyone else didn't. Not only did he care for these people that probably had no money to pay him, but he took them back home and buried them on his own property.

Delaney also encouraged one of her homeschool friends to enter some of her photographs and she has two printed in this addition. So much talent and a great way to share it with others.

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