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Friday, September 15, 2017

Chara Games Unauthorized Review #hsreviews #ChristianBoardGames #StrategyGames

Chara Games
My kids and I love to play games. I tend to like card games the best, but we will play anything except my husband. He is not a game player unless it is just two people. Of course, the girls talked him into playing our newest game Unauthorized from Chara Games and he liked it and even help figure out how to play.
Unauthorized is a deduction card game for children ages 12 and up. It is recommended for 6-12 players and takes about 30 minutes to play. By using your role playing cards to sway other players you will either build the underground church or destroy it. Unauthorized Kickstarter was fulfilled early making the game available on August 8.

The game comes with a total of 112 playing cards and an instruction manual in a nice sturdy cardboard box. There are 12 double-sided role cards, 1 dealer card, 2 reference cards, and 97 experience cards. Each game will have 4 rounds of three phases then the game is over. If the majority of the players have green church cards and no one is in prison the church prevails. If more players have red cards they are loyal to the state and the state wins.

There are 12 role playing cards. You will need one card per player and you will always have at least one pastor and one police officer. The rest of the people can be chosen at random. Each character has a different power. The thief can randomly take another player's card from their hand and keep it, the counselor can force someone to discard a card and other such actions.

There is one dealer card and two reference cards. The dealer card is just that it goes to the dealer each time and it includes the tasks for each of the four rounds. The 2 reference card includes the task that is completed after the card actions.

There are 97 experience cards. If you are playing with 12 people you will use all of the cards, if you are playing with less than you should remove the ones indicated with a number on the back. The cards are red, green, or the wild card is red and green. They are called experience cards because they each have something written on them that people experience in their lives that could persuade them to stand for God and build the church or side with the state. The red and green card can be played either way; green for the church or red for the state. Some of the experiences on the red cards are church politics, state education, and church hypocrisy. The green cards include things like encountering spiritual truth, selfless sacrifice, and experience faith.

On each player's turn, they will play two cards in different ways for each round, next they will use the power that is on their role playing card, and lastly they will choose something from the reference card. After the fourth round, the game is over and it is time to see if the underground church survived.
As a game playing family with 5 kids, it is sometimes hard to come up with new games that everyone can play. We played this game altogether and the more we played it the more we enjoyed it and the more we wanted to play it. Unauthorized is a great way to include more people in our game time. The mission seems pretty simple, but the extra rules really add a lot to it. If you only play with 6 people the game can be different by switching out the role playing cards every time. There is a great video that can help you figure out how to play quickly. We had a lot of fun playing the game and it'll be a great one to pull out when we have a lot of people or if we only have a little time since it only takes 30 minutes to play.

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