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Thursday, September 28, 2017

The Phoenix September 2017 Issue

The newest edition of The Phoenix has been published. I just want to say this magazine is a wonderful thing for homeschool high school students to participate in. It allows them an outlet for their creativeness and encourages them to try their best.

Delaney entered another story and two photos to go with it this time. When we were at my dad's farm in Indiana this summer he told us about a graveyard on the adjoining farmland. This is no ordinary graveyard. This is where a doctor from Madison, Indian buried black people when no one else cared. That is really all we know about the graveyard, but it makes you wonder what kind of man this doctor was and then I start comparing him to doctors today. He had compassion on those that everyone else didn't. Not only did he care for these people that probably had no money to pay him, but he took them back home and buried them on his own property.

Delaney also encouraged one of her homeschool friends to enter some of her photographs and she has two printed in this addition. So much talent and a great way to share it with others.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Captain Bayley's Heir Review #hsreviews #HeirloomAudio #CaptainBayleysHeir #LiveTheAdventure #BringingHentyBack #AudioAdventures #AudioDrama

Heirloom Audio Productions

Heirloom Audio Productions has done it again! Captain Bayley's Heir is their newest G.A. Henty audio drama and it is just as good as the other ones. Plus they have started a new community called Live The Adventure Club where you can keep track of all your Heirloom Audios.

Captain Bayley's Heir
My girls and I love to go on adventures with G.A. Henty and Brian Blessed. I'm not sure how many Henty books my son read when he was younger, but those were among the things he wanted to take with him when he left home. My girls haven't gotten into reading them, but they love the Heirloom Audio version and every time their brother comes home for a visit we all listen to our newest audio drama together. If he doesn't make it home before Christmas this year I may want to send him Captain Bayley's Heir so he can listen on his own and he is almost 27.

In Captain Bayley's Heir, we see a young man named Frank get falsely accused of a crime. After running away he encounters so many adventures on his way to America from England to clear his name. In America, he finds himself in the middle of the Gold Rush. Before we actually get to that part of the story we are introduced to several different people and learn about their lives until we see how they are all connected together and discover who Captain Bayley's Heir really is from an emblem on a spoon. While listening to the story we experience riches, poverty, heartache, yearning, fighting, deadly storms, outlaws, and cowboys.

This audio drama is once again recorded with well-known actors and actresses and plenty of background sounds to make you feel you are actually part of the story. The horse neighing, rain falling, the fire crackling, doors opening, people walking really bring the story to life. If you listen with headphones or speakers the sound will move from one speaker as if you are surrounded and actually there. The adventure last 2 1/2 hours and is recorded on two CDs. It is recommended for children 6-adult and includes bonus materials available at Live The Adventure Club. 

Live The Adventure Club is an online community that keeps all your bonus material for each Audio Heirloom CD set you own plus so much more. The bonus material for Captain Bailey's Heir includes several elements. 
  • You can listen to the adventure online or download it. 
  • Study Guide & Discussion Starter
  • G.A. Henty's book is available as an e-book with colorful graphics added in that can be read online or downloaded. 
  • An Official Soundtrack
  • A Printable Cast Poster
  • Inspirational Hymn Poster
  • Desktop Wallpaper

The Study Guide is 38 pages in full color and can be downloaded or printed. At the beginning, we are introduced to G.A. Henty and the story of Heirloom Audio Productions. At the end of the Study Guide, there is a reading list to learn more about the Victorian England, and the American West. There are also 3 Bible studies one on God's Grace, one on Becoming a Christian, and the third one on Honoring Your Parents. Each chapter is set up the same way and has three sections: 
  • Listening Well~ Are questions to see if you have listened to the story. All the answers come directly from the story itself.
  • Thinking Further~ These questions are to get you thinking about what else is happening in the story. They help you draw conclusions as to why events are happening or what people were thinking. 
  • Defining Words~ Working with the vocabulary words will help you understand parts of the story & you may need to use a dictionary.

On each page of the Study Guide, there is the CD #, Track #, and the exact spot on the recording to help you find the exact spot you will want to listen to that chapter. The Bible Studies included contain a lot of scripture, but as with any Bible study, I recommend studying the topics out completely for yourself. The Bible study on becoming a Christian does not discuss being baptized to become a Christian and the Bible says you should. 

You can also listen to the adventure one chapter at a time while following along by using the Read Along Script. The Thinking Further questions are included on the same web page, and the vocabulary words are listed at the bottom. When you hover the word the definition will appear in a bubble. There is also a quiz for each chapter that can be taken online. If the correct answer is selected it is highlighted green if the wrong answer is selected it will be highlighted red.

I listened to this drama with all three of my girls several times. We like listening to these stories if we have a long car drive, but we also listen while we are cleaning the house or the girls will listen while they color or some other craft project. The problem with my girls cleaning or crafting while listening to Captain Bailey's Heir I would find them sitting quietly instead of cleaning because they would get so lost in the adventure. We have all The Extraordinary Adventures of G.A. Henty from Heirloom Audio Productions that have been made and my girls will make sure we have every new one they produce.

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Captain Bayley's Heir {Heirloom Audio Productions Reviews}
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Friday, September 22, 2017

Mathew West All In CD Review & Giveaway #ALLIN #FlyBy

I always tell my kids that no matter what they do in life, in school, in sports, that they should try their hardest and Matthew West's new CD is about just that. It is called All In and he encourages everyone to give their ALL to their family, their community, and their all with God. There are 13 tracks on this upbeat album and there is no way I could choose a favorite. Matthew does a great job getting his message out while still being entertaining.

  • All In
  • Broken Things
  • Mercy Is A Song
  • Amen
  • The Sound of a Life Changing
  • Something Greater
  • Jesus & You
  • The Beautiful Things We Miss
  • 1 Song
  • Power Love Sound Mind
  • Never Ever Give Up
  • Dream Again Becoming Me
  • You Are Known

Matthew’s heart behind the album:
Matthew wrote his new album All In with the goal of encouraging himself and others to get up off the sidelines of their faith and really live it out – to go all in in your time with God, all in with your family, all in with your community, and all in battling your fears that may hold you back from becoming who God made you to be. Along that same theme, Matthew will be launching a 6-week All in Challenge on his social media starting 9/18, and each week Matthew will be challenging his fans to go all in in a different part of their lives. What does it look like when a heart that knows Jesus takes a step and holds nothing back? How can we go All In in the places that mean the most?

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Broken Things (story behind the song)

I have an additional copy of Matthew West's new CD to giveaway to one of my readers in the continental US. Just enter the rafflecopter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway Disclosure (in accordance with the FTC’s 16 CFR, Part 255:  “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising”):  Many thanks to Propeller Consulting, LLC for providing this prize for the giveaway.  Choice of winners and opinions are 100% my own and NOT influenced by monetary compensation.  I did receive a sample of the product in exchange for this review and post. Only one entrant per mailing address, per giveaway.  If you have won a prize from our sponsor Propeller /FlyBy Promotions in the last 30 days on the same blog, you are not eligible to win.  Or if you have won the same prize on another blog, you are not eligible to win it again.  Winner is subject to eligibility verification.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Garden Tomatoes #garden #quicklunch

I love this time of year when we have so many tomatoes in the garden. I love to slice a tomato and add Italian seasoning, a little bit of cheese, and a couple of pepperonis and stick it in the broiler for just a couple of minutes until the cheese melts. So good!

I also like to stick zucchini under the broiler with Italian seasoning and cheese with my tomatoes. This time we had a little bit of left over hamburger so I sprinkled some of that on top of the zucchini and topped it with my tomatoes. 

Quick and easy lunch.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Let’s Go Geography Review #hsreviews #geography #homeschoolgeography #geographyforkids

Let's Go Geography
My family loves to travel. They don't care where we go or when we go they are never ready to come home. One thing I know the entire family learns while we are taking road trips is geography. We would love to travel to other countries, but that isn't always easily done, so learning geography with Let's Go Geography is an easier way for K-4th-grade students to learn geography.
Let's Go Geography
Let's Go Geography explores the world one country at a time. This world tour will take your kids to a new country for one hour each week for 36 weeks. Each week you will receive an email for the new country to explore or you always have access to them all and can pick and choose which one you want to travel to. There is one weekly lesson for each country except the United States, it has two lessons.

While visiting other countries you will sing songs, see maps and flags as well as color and make crafts. Students will be immersed in the cultures by seeing what dads and moms might do for a living, how they worship, and what their cities look like.
Let's Go Geography
To begin with, students will make a travel journal by using a 3 ring binder to keep all their work in. Each lesson has a map with specific things to be labeled and questions relating to the map. Each country has a flag that can be colored and glued onto a world page to include in the travel journal. There are web links to allow children to hear songs from each country and watch a video that shows more about each country. The lesson also includes facts, notebook pages for the writing assignments, lots of local pictures, library reference for further research, and coloring page and craft idea.

Our adult daughter just got back from a trip to Hawaii and the second lesson in Lets Go Geography is about Hawaii so we had to start with that lesson. Right after that, we had to travel to Finland because my husband is half Finnish. His mom is from Finland and didn't move to the United States until she was twelve. My kids really enjoy listening to her talk to her other relatives in Finnish and listen to the stories she has to tell. If you visit Finland in this course you will see the reindeer herders, listen to their national anthem, take a tour of Helsinki. One link took us to a page that included more history, geography, and facts about their economy, their people, imports & exports as well as their religions and holidays.

Carol Henderson was a homeschool mom to her 5 kids and is currently an elementary history and geography teacher. Carol originally started as a place for parents and teachers to find good historically based reading books for their kids. It has expanded and now includes many geography resources with its sister site, Lets Go Geography.

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Let’s Go Geography {Reviews}
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Imagine The Great Flood Review #hsreviews #biblestories #bibleadventure

Barbour Publishing

I still read out loud to my family every evening and historical fiction is we read the most of. Our newest historical fiction is Imagine...The Great Flood by Matt Koceich from Barbour Publishing.

Imagine...The Great Flood is a 110-page softcover chapter book recommended for children ages 8-12. This is the first book in the Imagine series with Imagine... The Ten Plagues coming out in March of 2018. The Imagine series lets kids imagine what it would be like to experience biblical stories.

IMAGINE... The Great Flood
When we read adventure stories out of the bible it is fun to imagine if you were there. To experience the flood would not be something we would want to actually experience but it is amazing to think about it. The power of water is incredible! That is just where we find ten-year-old Corey in Imagine...The Great Flood. Corey isn't very happy about their move from Texas to Florida. He is worried about things any ten-year-old boy moving to a new house and school worries about. He discusses some of his fears with his mother and after talking with her he realizes he needs to trust God in this move. While a thunderstorm is brewing Corey runs into the woods to bring back the dog when he trips and hits his head sending him back to Ancient Mesopotamia and the great flood. After experiencing the waters rising from the deeps and collecting animals we find Corey waking up in Florida. The dream Corey has about the flood while he is knocked out parallels the problems he is facing in his own life and he finally realizes that God loves him.

When we read historical fiction we know that there are going to be true facts mixed with someone else's imagination and I make sure my kids know the things may not be true. But usually, the facts are true with other assumed things added in. In The Great Flood book, there are details about the story of the flood that are not Biblically accurate. There is also a man that is like a wizard and a magic staff that helps bring the animals into the ark. With that being said we got to experience some adventures while reading about Corey. I read this book out loud to my kids and we got to see Corey meet Noah and the giants of the day along with some evil men.

When we read books about the Bible or people from the Bible we go back and read the biblical account together. This way I want to teach my kids to study the Bible for themselves so they will know what is true instead of believing anything they hear or read from someone else.

Matt Koceich is a public school teacher and lives in Texas with his wife and their four children. He has authored several books including My Texas which is an all in one social studies curriculum. It is a textbook/workbook all in one for students to learn about Texas from early Native American cultures to modern day living.

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Imagine. . .The Great Flood by Matt Koceich {Barbour Publishing}
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Friday, September 15, 2017

Five Minute Friday Support #fmf #amwriting

This week the Five Minute Friday Prompt is Support.

What do you think about when you hear the word support? 

Some plants need support all the time and some trees need support when they are young. It makes me think about the support people need. I think everyone needs support at one time or another but just like plants some people need a lot of support just to make it through every day life and some people don't need much support to accomplish great things. Moses needed support from Aaron and Hur just to hold up his arms. It also goes the other way. Some people are great about giving support when it's needed and some people aren't a very good supporter. 

Galatians 6:2 says carry each other's burdens, and in this you will fulfill the law of Christ. I think this is true do to the fact that when we support other people with their burdens and trials of life we take the focus off of ourselves. 

Thank you Kate for hosting the Five Minute Friday.

Chara Games Unauthorized Review #hsreviews #ChristianBoardGames #StrategyGames

Chara Games
My kids and I love to play games. I tend to like card games the best, but we will play anything except my husband. He is not a game player unless it is just two people. Of course, the girls talked him into playing our newest game Unauthorized from Chara Games and he liked it and even help figure out how to play.
Unauthorized is a deduction card game for children ages 12 and up. It is recommended for 6-12 players and takes about 30 minutes to play. By using your role playing cards to sway other players you will either build the underground church or destroy it. Unauthorized Kickstarter was fulfilled early making the game available on August 8.

The game comes with a total of 112 playing cards and an instruction manual in a nice sturdy cardboard box. There are 12 double-sided role cards, 1 dealer card, 2 reference cards, and 97 experience cards. Each game will have 4 rounds of three phases then the game is over. If the majority of the players have green church cards and no one is in prison the church prevails. If more players have red cards they are loyal to the state and the state wins.

There are 12 role playing cards. You will need one card per player and you will always have at least one pastor and one police officer. The rest of the people can be chosen at random. Each character has a different power. The thief can randomly take another player's card from their hand and keep it, the counselor can force someone to discard a card and other such actions.

There is one dealer card and two reference cards. The dealer card is just that it goes to the dealer each time and it includes the tasks for each of the four rounds. The 2 reference card includes the task that is completed after the card actions.

There are 97 experience cards. If you are playing with 12 people you will use all of the cards, if you are playing with less than you should remove the ones indicated with a number on the back. The cards are red, green, or the wild card is red and green. They are called experience cards because they each have something written on them that people experience in their lives that could persuade them to stand for God and build the church or side with the state. The red and green card can be played either way; green for the church or red for the state. Some of the experiences on the red cards are church politics, state education, and church hypocrisy. The green cards include things like encountering spiritual truth, selfless sacrifice, and experience faith.

On each player's turn, they will play two cards in different ways for each round, next they will use the power that is on their role playing card, and lastly they will choose something from the reference card. After the fourth round, the game is over and it is time to see if the underground church survived.
As a game playing family with 5 kids, it is sometimes hard to come up with new games that everyone can play. We played this game altogether and the more we played it the more we enjoyed it and the more we wanted to play it. Unauthorized is a great way to include more people in our game time. The mission seems pretty simple, but the extra rules really add a lot to it. If you only play with 6 people the game can be different by switching out the role playing cards every time. There is a great video that can help you figure out how to play quickly. We had a lot of fun playing the game and it'll be a great one to pull out when we have a lot of people or if we only have a little time since it only takes 30 minutes to play.

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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Carole P. Roman Review #hsreviews #childrenshistory #historystorybooks #culturalstudies

Carole P Roman Blog
Reading can open up the world to our children. When your child can read and enjoys it they can take an adventure anywhere they want to go. My kids all like books no matter if they are reading or if I am reading out loud to them. Alaina is 12 and her reading level is above her age, but she still enjoys books with pictures sometimes. She is my only kid that still enjoys playing with toys at this age too. That is okay with me because they grow up way too fast. 
One of Alaina's favorite authors is Carole P. Roman and she was so excited to get four new books from her. We received two books from the cultural series; If You Were Me and Lived in....Elizabethan England and If You Were Me and Lived in....Renaissance Italy. We also received Oh Susannah: It's in the Bag and Oh Susannah: Things That Go Bump.
Carole P. Roman is one of Alaina's favorite authors and even though the books she has from her are below her reading level she doesn't want to pass them along to anyone and still pulls them out occasionally to read again. 
Books by Carole P Roman
If You Were Me And Lived In .... Elizabethan England is a 41-page colorful book that starts with a depiction of London today and one of London is 1578. You get to read about what your name could have been, what the people ate, how they dressed, and so much more. In the back of the book, there is a glossary of terms used in the book and a list of important people from that time including their picture. 
Books by Carole P Roman
If You Were Me and Live In.. Renaissance Italy is 43 pages and is set up just like the Elizabethan England book. We see Florance today and in the 1400s, shopping in the marketplace and even sharing your plate with someone else.
Books by Carole P Roman
Oh Susannah: It's In The Bag is a new beginning chapter book with 34-pages and nine chapters. It is about a little girl named Susannah Maya Logan. In this book, Susannah starts her day off with homework trouble and it only gets worse from there. It shows how children can deal with their worries.
Books by Carole P Roman
Oh Susannah: Things That Go Bump is 50 pages and 10 chapters. In this book, Susannah is worried about staying the night at her friend's house. She thinks it is scary! As Susannah goes through her day she realizes that other people have things they fear and they learn to overcome them. 
Susan P. Roman has written over 50 children's books. Not only does she write about places around the world and Susannah, but she also writes about pirates and princesses. Carole has also co0authored other books for adults and she is one of the founders of a new magazine, Indie Author's Monthly.
Although these books are below Alaina's reading level she still really likes the If You Were Me and Lived in.... Series. She loves that in just a few minutes she can learn about how people used to live including their names, their housing, the customs, food, and how they worked and played. And the little kid that is still inside her loves the pictures. 
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Oh Susannah, Bedtime Stories, Captain No Beard, If you were Me ... {Carole P. Roman Reviews}
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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Progeny Press Silver Chair E-Guide Review #hsreviews #progenypress #literatureunitstudies #literaryanalysis

Progeny Press
My girls are always looking for an excuse to read and they love when they "have to" read for school. The newest book we "had to" read is The Silver Chair to go along with The Silver Chair E-Guide (Grades 5-7) from Progeny Press.

Silver Chair - E-Guide
Progeny Press E-Guides was started by Michael and Rebecca Gilleland. After beginning to homeschool in 1991 they were disappointed in the resources to teach classic literature with a Christian perspective so they developed their own. They want children to understand the themes and ideas the author is portraying in their books.

The Silver Chair Study Guide is available as a book, on CD, or as an immediate downloadable E-Guide and should be used with C.S. Lewis book The Silver Chair. The Silver Chair is in the Adventures of Narnia series. You do not need to read the first books before reading the book or using the study guide. We received the E-Guide that includes two files, the Study Guide and the Answer Key.  The Answer Key is 9 pages and includes all the answers. The Study Guide is 53 pages that can be printed and written in or it can be used as an interactive PDF where the student can fill in all the answers on the computer.

This e-guide should take around 8-10 weeks to complete. Progeny Press recommends that The Silver Chair should be read during the first week while completing the prereading activities. They should reread and reference the book while they complete the rest of the study.

The study guide includes a note to the instructor, information about the study guide author, C.S. Lewis, and a synopsis of the book before the prereading activities and the chapter lessons. There are five chapters to cover the book itself using several book chapters per each study guide chapter. After the chapter lessons there is an overview, activities for after reading the book, and additional resources. Throughout the chapter lessons there are vocabulary activities, questions, sections for understanding and thinking about the story, and further study to dig deeper. After reading the story there are additional activities to choose from including creative writing assignments, arts, design, and creating a timeline.

I chose to have Alaina use the interactive e-book for a couple of reasons. There is quite a bit of writing that would need to be done and she has been learning to type and this is a great way for her to get some extra practice in. The blue spaces in the picture above are where Alaina has answered her questions. She liked all the vocabulary words, she has been a horrendous speller up until the last few months. Something just clicked and she can spell and is liking vocabulary words more. The questions asked in the study guide are great at getting Alaina to think about what is going on in the story.

Progeny Press is not new to our family. We have reviewed Across Five Aprils, Great Expectations, The Last of the Mohicans, Anne of Green Gables, and The Golden Goblet. The literature titles we have reviewed from Progeny Press have all been great and the study guides add so much to each one.
Study Guides for Literature {Progeny Press Reviews}
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Saturday, September 9, 2017

Five Minute Friday Work #fmf #amwriting

The writing prompt for this week is Work.

Work can look like so many things. It doesn't always earn an income, sometimes work is done to achieve a purpose or result. I think work looks different at different times in our lives. I can remember getting my first paying job when I was 15 and loved getting a paycheck. After getting married and having kids my work shifted to the home, then to homeschooling. Some days that work can seem like it is never ending and that I constantly have a list of things that are never completed. The work of raising kids may show its results later rather than sooner. Watching them grow up to become productive adults that don't just work for a paycheck is a great reward. Even my 16-year-old has seen the difference in people doing the minimum at work to bring home a check and those like her that give 100% no matter what the task may be.

Thanks Kate for hosting the Five Minute Friday prompt!

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Kwik Stix at BJs

I don't like to pay full price for anything. I shop around, wait for things to go on sale, and use coupons when I can. Especially when I am buying things that we don't necessarily need, but would like to have.  I just found out that one of Alaina's favorite art supplies, The Kwik Stix is being sold at BJ's. Not only are they available there now they are only $19.99 instead of $24.99 at other locations. That's what I call savings. I have actually never heard of BJ's and now I'm going to check out what else they have to offer that I may be able to save money on.

If you are unfamiliar with Kwik Stix they are solid tempera paint sticks. This makes painting hassle free and not messy at all. It is the perfect painting situation for little kids. Or bigger kids that like to paint on the go or in random places around the house. That's what Alaina likes to do. She likes to color or draw in the living room during our read aloud time and these tempera paint sticks have given her a new medium that she can use mess free.

You do not need any water to paint with the Kwik Stix and the paint dries in 90 seconds. You just remove the cap and paint! They result in very vibrant colors and they are washable. Alaina has used them on paper, cardstock, wood, and mylar balloons.

Disclaimer: I will be receiving a free set of Kwik Stix markers in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own and no other compensation was received. 

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Apologia Marine Biology Review #hsreviews #MarineBio #homeschoolBiology

Apologia Educational Ministries
We have used Apologia Educational Ministries in our homeschool for many years and Delaney was very excited when we received the new Marine Biology 2nd Edition Advantage Set along with the Marine Biology 2nd Edition Audio CD.
Marine Biology 2nd Edition Advantage Set
The Marine Biology 2nd Edition Advantage Set includes the Student Textbook, Tests-and-Solutions Manual, and the Student Notebook. The Audio CD is sold separately. This course is divided into 16 modules that should take about 2 weeks to complete each one if you spend 45 minutes to an hour on them each day. It should take 33 weeks to complete the course which allows you a couple of extra weeks if you need them for the harder modules. Marine Biology is a high school course that is intended to be studied after Biology. It starts with the physical makeup of the ocean and moves on to the creatures in it and ends with the resources we use from the ocean and the effects humans have on the sea. 
  • Student Textbook ~ This is a 557-page hardback book that is written in a conversational manner directly to the student. There are On Your Own Questions throughout the text that are intended in being answered when you come to them. There are also questions to be answered at the end of each module. There are also microscope labs, dissection labs, and household labs throughout the course.
    • There is also a password included in the textbook to access extra content at These extras include weblinks for additional content for the modules, ocean photography, careers in Marine Science, how to write a lab report, and more.
  • Tests Manual~ Is a 50-page booklet containing a test for each module and quarterly tests. The Solutions Manual is 260 pages and includes a copy of each test and all the answers to the Textbook questions and the tests. 
  • Student Notebook~ This is a 505-page spiral bound notebook. There is a rubric at the beginning for grading the experiments and a chart to record all the grades. A Daily Schedule chart is in the front of the notebook and includes a check box for each task. The first part of the notebook contains pages for each module and they are all set up the same with black pages to take notes, the On Your Own Questions from the textbook with spaces to write the answer, study guide questions, and a summary for the module. The second part of the book has worksheets for the experiments. The last part in the Student Notebook covers presenting research by creating a presentation poster. 
  • MP3 Audio Book ~ This CD is a recording of Marissa Leinart reading the Marine Biology textbook. It is an MP3 recording, so the device you listen to it with must be compatible with MP3s.
Delaney does not like science. When we were discussing what she wanted to use this coming school year she didn't want to do any more high school science!! When I showed her the Marine Biology set she decided she might want to do that. She has been using it the past couple of months and she is glad this is what she decided to use. She didn't really like biology, but she has studied animals in the past so much just for fun & she really likes the ocean. The Daily Schedule Chart has been a great way for her to know exactly what needs to be completed each day. She likes that there are illustrations to give her a good visual of what is being talked about in the textbook. She is even enjoying the experiments and so far we have had everything she has needed for them already around the house. 

Apologia science is a great way to prepare your high school students for college level science. Even if your kids don't intend to pursue a college degree or aren't really into science Apologia courses are very easy to implement and the Student Notebook & MP3 recordings make science a little less intimidating. 
Marine Biology 2nd Edition Advantage Set
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Marine Biology 2nd Edition Advantage Set {Apologia Educational Ministries Review}
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