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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

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Doctor Aviation
I have always been interested in flying. My oldest child and only son loves anything to do with flying and is actually studying to become an aerospace engineer. He was involved in CAP when he was younger and this aviation video training from Doctor Aviation would have been perfect for him. Because my son loves to talk about aviation to all of us I thought it would be good for my younger girls to learn aviation education so they would understand more of what he loves.

Daryl Smith is Doctor Aviation. He was a Command Pilot with over 2,000 flying hours and 24 years with the Air Force. He has flown a variety of aircraft over the years as a pilot and an instructor pilot. He was also a research pilot during the Strategic Defense Initiative or The Star Wars Program, and has written an aviation book, taught aviation at the US Air Force Academy and is a current college professor. With all of his knowledge of flight and teaching, he wanted to bring the world of aviation to lifelong learners every where, so he created Doctor Aviation to do just that.

Doctor Aviation is an online course with video lectures given by Daryl Smith. There are five sections that include 15 sessions covering the Aircraft, Air Traffic Control, Maintenance, Airfield Operations, and The Aircraft Part II. With each session, you have a video lecture and downloadable resources including Guided Notes, and To Learn More. If you are taking the course for credit there are exams available by contacting Doctor Aviation.

The video lectures last around an hour and they all cover Technical Trivia, Notable Innovators, and Legendary Aircraft/Events. Each video segment shows Doctor Aviation standing next to an airplane. He likes to cover the history of things he is talking about before studying the topic to help us understand why they came about. During the video, we are also shown photos of people and things he is discussing.

The Guided Notes should be printed before watching the video segment. They include the session objectives, fill in the blank note sections for the technical trivia, the notable aviator, and the important aviation events. The notes are important information about what is being discussed including the character traits of the people, timelines, measurements of aircraft, abbreviations, and more.

The download section To Learn More offers book lists, website links, and more topics to further your study of the topics and people covered in each video session. There are also recommended activities such as touring airports, making propellers with ice cream sticks, finding a pilot at your local FBO that will show you their aircraft, and more.

I have been going through this video course with Delaney (high school) and Alaina (junior high). Amber hasn't had as much time while working her summer job, but she caught the end of a segment one day and she will be able to work on it when we start school back up. We have been learning a lot! My girls don't sit around and read anything and everything aircraft like their brother did although we still have a lot of his books. We love having the fill in the blank note pages especially for the technical part of the video. That has been my girls least favorite part of the course and appreciate having some of the information already written down. I think the fill in the blank note taking pages help students learn what is important to write down when taking notes for other courses. My girls really liked learning about the notable aviators and events. They knew a little about some of the people and events but not in so much detail.

Doctor Aviator can be used with the entire family and you could make it as simple or detailed as you want. A younger child interested in aviation would benefit from watching the lectures, and high school students and adults can add in all the resources and gain so much more. It would be worth high school credit with so many options for further study.

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