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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Five Minute Friday Steady #iamwriting #fmf

This week the Five Minute Friday prompt is Steady. My daughter Delaney is a guest post for my blog this week.


What does it mean to be steady?

What are you steady in? 

Have you ever stopped and asked yourself is my life steady? 

How can I change my life to be steady? 

Ever wonder If you're living the right way, if you have a steady job, maybe you're scared your boss is on the verge of firing you, Ask yourself if you have a relationship going steady with someone? Maybe there are ways you can make it more steady, stronger, more trustful. 

Steady is defined as firmly fixed, supported, immovable, anchored, 

It can refer to many things I suppose, You just have to apply it to the things you think you need to be steadfast in the most. 


Thank you, Delaney, for writing today's post. Thank you, Kate, for hosting the Five Minute Friday Prompt. 


Liz said...

I like the way you link steady and steadfast. I hadn't thought of that before. Thank you.
Your FMF Neighbour #70

Annette said...

Well said

The Very Cranky Mummy said...

How great to see you writing and getting opportunities to challenge yourself through your mother's blog! I hope that my kids will be interested enough in writing to take up similar chances one day :) Great take on the word 'steady'- it really is a crucial one in our lives :)

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