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Friday, June 2, 2017

Five Minute Friday Future #amwriting #fmf

The Five Minute Friday prompt this week is Future.

I have been thinking a lot about the future lately. One day a couple of months ago it dawned on me that my youngest child is already 12!! That may not mean much to most people, but my oldest is 26! We have always homeschooled and now I am on the downhill side of it. I know the next six years will fly by and then what? 

Where will all five of my kids be? 

What will I do with my time? 

What about my house? Will we stay in it? 

My husband will still have six years to work after she turns 18 before he can retire. Do I get a job for those six years? My husband says I'll be too busy traveling to see my kids. He is probably right. 

It just seems unreal to think about what the future holds. 

Right now my kids have friends over and I can hear their chatter and laughter from the other room. We just made brownies because one of their friends never gets to bake at home. I will miss not having this in my life. 

I am afraid my house will be eerily quiet! 

And empty! 

I know my job is for them to grow up and move out, but I'm not sure I'll be ready. 

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Unknown said...

Hi Lisa. Thanks for visiting me. I guess God made us neighbors at #FMF for a reason this week.

My kids are grown. When our daughter left for college I cried and then our son was still home until he married. God gave us only two.

Let me tell you if any of them are close in proximity you will be busy eventually. I am retired and seldom have free time. The adult kids keep us busy and now five grandkids and I watch them a whole lot to give the girls a break and they both work from home.

I also substitute teach one or two days a week and I am a volunteer Team Leader coach for on-line Bible studies. I also love to blog but it's hard working it in.

For the interim until the kids had kids I was taking care of my Mom for many years.

Time flies. You'll find something to keep you busy. God has a plan.

annette @ A net in time said...

I don't want to be thinking that far into the future yet (even though I find myself doing the same) my boy is 11! Another seven fast years and he'll be looking to move out as well.. ACK! Time to prepare!!!!

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