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Friday, June 9, 2017

Five Minute Friday Expect #amwriting #fmf

The Five Minute Friday prompt this week is Expect. 

Back in March we were foreseeing the end of our school year and looking forward to summer break. Days of sleeping in, reading books all afternoon, playing more games, and taking fun trips just like every other summer. I had already started thinking about what we want to study in the fall, if there is still anything we can all do together, what do they still need help with. Decisions, decisions, decisions!

I just expect things to stay the same. I love being able to stay home with my kids all these years & spend every day with them for school. But they grow up and start making their own decisions.

Amber turned 16 in March & on her birthday she applied for a summer job at Cody Park working in the concession stand and running the little kid rides. She was hired and has been working 40 hours a week! And it wasn't much longer and she asked if she could take some classes at the college. She didn't want to go full time but a couple of classes for dual credit.

I just expected things would stay the same for at least two more years.

I know that my days with my kids being home are limited and I want to make the most of those days.

Next year Delaney will turn 16. Will she want to get a job & take some classes at the college too? I don't know, but whatever she decides to do I am fine with.

I can't expect things to stay the same.

I have done my job as a parent and a teacher when they want to spread their wings and figure out who they are and who they will become.


Annette said...

Definitely... Let them fly

Lori said...

Roots and wings - this is a wonderful example of that. Bolstered confidence to be able to do more than we expect of them. Thank you for sharing these brave moments.

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