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Friday, May 26, 2017

Five Minute Friday Visit #amwriting #fmf

I haven't participated in the Five Minute Friday for a couple of weeks, but I want to start back up. This week my 15-year-old daughter, Delaney is going to guest post. She loves to write and she always has a story or two going. She has finished several short stories and she had one published in The Phoenix literary magazine. The Pen of Mr. Biro, it is on page 38, be sure and read it. I hope you enjoy her writing.

This weeks prompt is Visit.

Visiting...what's one place, no matter where you are, what city, town or state you're at do you like to visit?

For me, I'd say it's coffee shops, who doesn't like to go there am I right?

The whiff of coffee you inhale as soon as you step in, and hear that bell above the door ching, the sound of the coffee bean grinder whoozing, and the foamy milk being steamed. No matter if you plan on getting a plain coffee, a latte, or frappuccino you always leave with a cup of greatness. Caramel is my favorite, or Toffee Nut that's the best in frappuccinos!

The shops are always a good stop when you've been shopping at an outside mall and it suddenly starts raining, if you're on a roadtrip, or even if you leave your house purely for the sake of having one because you felt like it at that moment of the day. They're always so cozy too, filled with books, photographs, paintings, comfy couches and good conversation.

Every shop you visit alway has its own unique twist about it, which is one of the things I love most, next to the actual coffee that is, each coffee shop is guaranteed to be different. Not only is the coffee itself good it's an art, something that takes time, and care to make to turn out so tasty and delicious, the creativity and gentleness to get the steamed milk to the right temperature and just the right amount of foam for the specific drink you ordered.

One of my absolute favorite things is the latte art, though it's all really an art the pictures and shapes made of foam. Have you ever visited one where they made a heart on the top of your latte if you sit in? Or maybe you've had the chance to visit a top of the line coffee shop where the barista carefully took the time to do something 3D? That would be amazing to actually see in real life, I've never had the opportunity to have one like that or visit a coffee shop that was that fancy but if I ever hear or learn of one close I'll be sure to visit it! I'd be posting pictures and videos on social media for days! Just kidding, I'm not that bad. But you know how it is right? You see something pretty, or beautifully plated and you take a picture, see what I mean? The object you just took a picture of took time, and care, to be made up so perfectly, and coffee is a very good example.


Liz said...

Delaney, you took me back to our most recent visit to the States last autumn - all those great independent coffee shops (the donuts from Twin Peaks in Tannersville!) and discovering Pumpkin Lattes. Your writing is really evocative. Thank you.
Visiting from Five Minute Friday #54

Annette @ a net in time said...

I've never been to an independent coffee shop, but then, I don't like coffee. I can see why you like them though, making them a great place to visit.

Lori said...

Oh how I wish places like you describe existed around here. Big ol' chains are the only things here but your visit took me back 25 years to when I was in college. My husband used to perform live music with a friend or two at a coffee shop by the school every Friday night. I sure did enjoy just sitting there listening and drinking my tea (or water - we were poor college kids at that point!). Thank you for taking me back to such a nice memory. - Lori

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