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Friday, May 19, 2017

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Focus On The Family
My kids love Adventures in Odyssey. Alaina listens to at least one episode every morning while she does her morning chores and if she is cleaning her room she will listen to them the whole time. When the Homeschool Review Crew was offered Captain Absolutely from Focus On The Family to review I knew Alaina would want to read it. 

 Captain Absolutely
If you are familiar with Adventures in Odyssey then you know who Wooton Bassett is. He is not only the mail carrier for Odyssey, but he also writes a comic book. Captain Absolutely is that comic book. It has taken five years to complete because it was written two pages at a time to first appear in the Focus On The Family Clubhouse magazine. 

Wooten wanted to write Captain Absolutely to inspire kids to defend truth, justice, and lots more truuuth! The comic is about how you see the world & how your values change your perspective of the things around you. 

All superheroes have some sort of superpower and Captain Absolutely is no exception. There are two friends in the library when one of the computers explodes! Josiah King finds himself in a secret room full of different copies of the Bible. While he is waiting to be rescued he reads the bible but he doesn't notice there is a radioactive leak in the room that changes him into Captain Absolutely. He must defend God's truth by going against the evil villains. His friend Darren Gray is trapped in a room with philosophy books and after he breathes the toxic fumes he becomes the evil villain Dr. Relative. Captain Absolutely believes the bible is absolute truth and full of God's wisdom. Dr. Relative believes in relative truth. He thinks everyone makes their own rules and right and wrong can change depending on the moment. 

The softbound comic book is 105 pages and has colorful glossy pages. The comics include bible references and a little humor throughout. Captain Absolutely explains making good decisions, defending the truth, forgiveness, and repentance to name a few. In the back of the book, there is a description of each character including their worldview. There are also a couple of pages of Big Questions. These questions go along with what is happening in the comic book and there are page numbers listed so you can go back and read the pages that go with the questions. They are a great way to talk to your kids about things going on around them. 

We belong to Odyssey Adventure club and receive the Clubhouse magazine so Captain Absolutely comics are not new to us. We haven't been reading the magazine for five years so Alaina was excited to finally get to read all of them in the comic book. I usually get distracted looking at the pictures when I read a comic book, but Alaina likes them. I'm glad she likes this one because of the morals it teaches. 

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