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Thursday, April 20, 2017

SpeedyPrep Review #hsreviews #collegeprep #clepprep

I guess when your sixteen-year-old starts talking about college and wanting to take a few classes in the fall for dual credit and what she wants to do with her life she is growing up. But am I ready for this next step? I wasn't, but it is here & I have to be ready!

Our family is not one to just go with the flow and do things the way most people do, so when the subject of college came up my first thought is how can we save money on college courses and how can she get college credit from home. When the Crew was offered to review SpeedyPrep I knew this was something we would be interested in.

Speedy Prep uses the College Level Examination Program guidelines published by the Colege Board to create their 'fill in the blank' flashcard format to help people study to take a CLEP exam. They offer CLEP prep for 24 subjects, and you don't even need prior knowledge of the course before starting to study to take the CLEP. The flashcards are used to study the subject with some video content to supplement. If you answer the question incorrectly the correct answer will appear with an explanation. If you answer the questions enough times and read the explanation you will start to remember the information. The mastery learning principle is used in this course, so once you answer the same questions multiple times it will advance your progress bar. Once your progress bar is at least 90% you are ready to take the CLEP test.

Each course includes an introduction that tells you things you need to know about the course including themes and the topics that are covered and the percentage of test questions there are for each topic. When you start the course there is a list of topics to study. You may choose to study one topic at a time, multiple topics together, or all of the topics together. Some of the questions are multiple choice with one or more correct answers and some of them are fill in the blank. If you have no idea what the correct answer is you can leave it blank and click the answer button to read the explanation. As you are answering the questions if there is a video to go with that particular question a link will be provided in the answer explanation. Once a session is completed you can see the percentage of questions that were answered correctly, the time you spent on the session, and your overall course progress bar. You then have the option of studying the same section again or study just the questions you missed.

To track your progress the study session results will show you the date, time, and duration of each study session. You will also be able to see the percentage of questions answered correctly and the number of correct answers out of the total number of questions.

Amber has been using SpeedyPrep to study United States History I: Early Colonization to 1877. She hasn't reached the mastery level so she isn't ready to take a CLEP test for this subject, but her progress is improving. At first, she was unsure about the format because it is different than anything she has studied before, but now she is starting to like it. Her sessions scores also show that she is remembering things. The first session she didn't get very many correct, but her newest session she scored 56 out of 66. The questions are very in depth and the explanations are very precise but contain enough information to answer the questions.

She has an appointment to take the ACCUPLACER test at our local community college so she can take some dual credit classes in the fall of this year. She has no desire to CLEP out of college level Algebra because she needs all the help she can get in math, but she wanted to see what college Algebra would be like and she wanted to have a little understanding of it, so she decided to do a few sessions in SpeedyPrep College Algebra.

If  Amber masters American History I or any other subject she studies using SpeedyPrep and decides to CLEP out of those classes that will be great, but if she decides she would benefit more from taking the class that will be fine too. I know the time she spends using SpeedyPrep will help to ensure she is ready for college level classes. 

SpeedyPrep is now part of the Home School Legal Defense Perx Program.

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