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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

My Daughter Has Been Published #amwriting #proudmama

My daughter is always writing. She has several notebooks with that she is continually writing in. They each have different stories in them and she even has a notebook with just characters she has created. Since we homeschool she has more opportunity to write when the mood strikes, and when she has a story in her head she likes us all to leave her alone until she gets what is in her mind written down. 

She had been looking for contests and other places to enter some of her work & someone introduced us to The Phoenix which is a high school literary magazine for homeschool students. This is a new magazine and she entered a story she titled The Pen of Mr. Biro. Her submission was accepted and used in the first of edition of the online magazine. 

Needless to say, we were all so excited for her & I knew she would be thrilled to have a hard copy, so we had one printed. It turned out so nice and she is very proud of her accomplishment. 

If you would like to read Delaney's story or any of the other works that were chosen for the first edition you can do so in the online magazine. Delaney's story is on page 38.

If you are a homeschool high school student you can submit literary works for the next edition of the magazine you may do so by June 2, 1017.

Thank You Jackson Fields for publishing a magazine for homeschool students. 

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