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Monday, February 6, 2017

Beside the Refrigerator Storage

If you are like me you spend some time on Pinterest. I have seen the cabinet that slides in beside the refrigerator several times and though I should do that. My husband helped me this weekend and I am very close to being finished. I chose to use peg board for my backboard in case I have room to hang anything up. 

Here it is unfinished. We added dowel rods for each shelf to keep items from falling out. 
I am trying to decide if I want to paint it white like the fridge and the wall or if I want to stain it to match the cabinets. That is why I have the white cardboard tucked in there to see what it would look like. Mike also has a nice thin board he will cut to cover up the 2X6 on the sides.

I will have an updated post with my measurements and finished pictures when I am completely done. 

What do you think? Stain? or Paint?

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