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Monday, January 9, 2017

Words! Words! Words! #hsCurriculumFair

Week 2 of the Virtual Curriculum Fair is about Language Arts. Thanks again to Susan at Homeschooling Hearts and Minds for hosting the VCF every year.

Words Words Words
Words are everywhere. We read them, we write them, we learn their meanings and roots and we strive to use them correctly. All five of my kids like to read, two of them love to read, two of them love to write, and one of them loves words of any kind. They are all different and learn differently. Here is a little bit of what we use in our home.

My adult daughter started keeping a journal when she was very young. She loves the books with blank pages so she can also draw or doodle in her journal. I had my youngest three girls start their journal at a very young age. I would have them draw in it and write what ever they wanted. They started with a few words and a lot pictures. They eventually moved on to sentences then paragraphs and now pages. My kids that like to draw and doodle still include pictures. Usually things they are into in the moment. Logos, cartoon characters, cups, animals, and other random things. Their journals are never graded. Sometimes I read them sometimes I don't, when they were younger they would read their journal writing out loud. I want this writing to just be fun. There are several things my kids learn on their own by keeping a journal.

  • By writing every day they have improved their penmanship. 
  • It really helps in learning how to form sentences and by having them read it out loud when they are young it helps them understand where they need basic punctuation. 
  • Most of the time they write about things they know or something that just happened, but it gets them thinking of topics to write about. This practice has carried over in their writing assignments they are not afraid of a blank piece of paper. 
My 14 year-old daughters favorite things. 

Our favorite elementary grammar program was Shurley English. My youngest three girls loved it the most because they learned and sang their jingles together & they still remember them for the parts of speech. For high school we used Analytical Grammar. I'm not going to say my kids like it, but it works and they don't complain about it. 

My kids read a lot and I read out loud to them every day. We have used so many good products for literature over the years it would be hard to choose a favorite. Progeny Press, WYAM, Memoria Press, and one we all love Illuminating Literature. Two of my girls are only 14 months apart so they have always used the same curriculum for language arts. This is nice when we want to discuss a book. I usually read the same book and then we can go over it together.

We started using Spelling Power when it was first published about 10-11 years ago. I had my two oldest kids use a variety of spelling and vocabulary programs when they were young. It seemed like my kids were working on words they already knew. With Spelling Power I can place them where they need to be and we only work on the words that they need to. We work on memorizing and spelling vocabulary words from our literature books or other school subjects. We also love Visual Latin and Word Up! from Compass Classroom. 

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Four Little Penguins said...

I am totally stealing your journaling plan. My youngest three are focusing on writing for the rest of the semester and this will go along with my plans perfectly! Thank you for sharing.

Annette said...

I've always loved writing... but my lad not so much. so this year we are using storytelling to do language arts. :)

Brittney said...

I really do need to add the journal back into our routine. It was so fun when I found the journal my oldest kept in K and read through it.

Susan said...

We read aloud every day, too, often multiple times a day. Thank you for sharing your language arts favorites. :)

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