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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Homeschool Review Crew 2016 Blue Ribbon Awards #hsreviews #blueribbonaward #favorites

Meet the Homeschool Review Crew Curriculum Favourites for 2016
Now that the 2016 Homeschool Review Crew year has come to an end the Blue Ribbon Awards are out. All the items that were up for review this year are divided into categories and we all got to vote on our favorites for the year. I always sit down with my girls and we discuss what ones we think were our favorites. It is always a hard choice to make because we review so many wonderful items. 

Here is how we voted this year:
History Curriculum ~ Homeschool In the Woods
History Supplement ~ Cat of Bubastes
Science Curriculum ~ Science Shepherd
Science Supplement ~ 101 Series
Math Curriculum ~Demme Learning
Math Supplement ~ Sunya Publishing
Foreign Language Curriculum ~ Foreign Language for Kids by Kids
Fine Art Product ~ Pencil Grip
Elective Curriculum ~ Online Filmmakers Academy
Christian Education Curriculum ~ Veritas 
Middle School Product ~ Writers In Residence
High School Product ~ 101 Series
College Prep ~ Middlebury
Parent's Choice ~ Koru Naturals
Best Resource I Didn't Know I Needed ~Apologia: Writers In Residence
Best Online Product ~ Middlebury
Best eProduct ~Everyday Education
Just For Fun ~ Pencil Grip

Kids Choice
Amber ~ Beric the Brittain 
Delaney~ Getting Started With French
Alaina ~Pencil Grip

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