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Friday, November 18, 2016

Five Minute Friday Enjoy #fmf #amwriting

I can't believe it is Friday again and next week is Thanksgiving. The Five Minute Friday prompt this week is Enjoy!


We have had a very warm fall and Wednesday it was 75° and last night it started snowing.   

My kids and I really enjoy our snowfalls & I can't imaging living any where that doesn't get to enjoy looking out at a moonlight snowfall. There is something about standing outside at midnight in the cold with the snow falling.

My husband really enjoys his old truck. It may not run, but they bring him joy just the same. They are a beautiful sight with a couple of inches of snow on them.

We decided to take a "snow day" from school. Amber & Alaina have been outside all day, but Delaney came inside to make some gingerbread cookies. My house smells wonderful and the other girls were thrilled to have a warm cookie to eat outside.

I do not look forward to my kids growing up and moving out, but I do enjoy the time I have with my teenagers. They are always full of laughter and make my days special.

The first snowfall is always a joy to us and we are looking forward to spending time with our friends and family during the holiday season.


Anonymous said...

Those gingerbread cookies look good and I'm not too fond of gingerbread. I love what you said about there being something in standing outside in the snowfall at midnight. It sounds heavenly. Thank you for sharing this, Lisa. Visiting from fmf, we're neighbors. :)

Carol said...

Now I want to make gingerbread cookies! Maybe tomorrow when your cold weather catches up to us. There is something wonderful about seeing everything with a pure white coat of snow!

Lori said...

Snow! That is so much fun! Yay for snow days. Lovely. - Lori

annette @ A net in time said...

we are expecting snow this weekend as well. my son looks forward to snow days... we have at least two every winter. :)

Rebecca C. said...

Love the snow pictures. And gingerbread looks yummy.

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