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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Middlebury Interactice Languages Spanish II Review #hsreviews #foreignlanguage #bilingualism #languagestudy

Spanish, French, German or Chinese {Middlebury Interactive Languages}

When our official school year started this year the first thing Delaney wanted to know was if we had a Spanish curriculum. I told her to hold on because one of her favorite review items would be coming up soon. She was over joyed when she received access to High School Spanish II (Grades 9-12) from Middlebury Interactive Languages.
Spanish, French, German or Chinese {Middlebury Interactive Languages}
Middlebury Interactive Languages teach Spanish, French, Chinese, and German for grades K-12. The languages were developed by a group of linguistics and academia experts and teach by immersing the student in each language and culture. Real world situations are used to teach and the student can work at their own pace.
High School Spanish Year II is divided into two semesters. Both semesters are made up of 18 Units including a Midterm and Final Unit. Each Unit contains 5 lessons with quizzes and tests in each. There are lessons on reading and listening comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, history, and more.

When working through the course you can just work in order no matter what day you start or there is a calendar option if you start on the day you receive access and you follow a typical five-day school week schedule. The calendar option shows exactly what should be completed for each day. Every time you log in the lesson you are ready to work on is listed with the calendar lesson listed below to make it easy to know where you need to be. You may also navigate through the lessons in the table of contents.

In this level the instructions are primarily in Spanish, but there are bubbles in some places you can click on to get the instructions in English if you need them. Each lesson has warm up exercises where you can click on the pictures and hear the Spanish words, then the next section you can match the Spanish word to the correct picture. The Speaking lab gives a sentence. The student can read the sentence, listen to the sentence, and then record themselves speaking the sentence. That way they can replay it in their voice to hear how well it matches the correct audio.

There is also a grade book. In this portion you can see what type of assignment has been completed, the date it was taken, the grade, or view the assignment itself and you can see what was answered correctly or incorrectly.

Delaney has been using Spanish II. She has used Middlebury in the past for Spanish I and really wanted to continue using it. When she first started using Spanish II she was afraid it would be too hard. She was worried it would be too much grammar, but she is a word lover and she is really starting to enjoy it now. Sometimes she has to listen to the audio several times to understand what the native speaker is saying, but she has been doing better. While she works on a lesson she reads everything out loud and even though I don't speak Spanish it sounds like she is doing really well. She also maintains a journal where she writes any new vocabulary words or anything she thinks she will need to know later.

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Spanish, French, German or Chinese {Middlebury Interactive Languages}
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