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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Foreign Language for Kids by Kids Review #hsreviews #foreignlanguage #homeschoolspanish

Beginner Spanish Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids Review
Reviewing homeschool curriculum has been a great experience for my girls and I. Sometimes we review things we need and are more serious sometimes we review fun games and sometimes we review curriculum that is fun. Our newest review item is the Spanish Starter Set 1 from Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids and it is one of those fun school products. 

Kit Strauss is a homeschool mom and a lawyer. She developed Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids when she couldn't find what she wanted to teach her own children. She uses the immersion method by using activities that children are involved in every day. 
Spanish Starter Set 1 comes with:
  • Basketballs aren't for Breakfast
  • Spanish Level 1 Guide for Teachers and Parents 
  • The Little Magic House Part 1
  • Spanish Level 2 Guide for Teachers and Parents
  • The Little Magic House Part 2
  • Spanish Level 3 Guide for Teachers and Parents 
  • Spanish Levels 1-3 DVD 
  • Sticker Set
  • Flashcards
  • Go Squish Cardgame! only included for a limited time.
Beginner Spanish Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids Review
The basis of the program is the video segment. The videos show us a weekend day of a family and starts at 8:00 in the morning and continues through the day until the children head to bed. We see the conversations they have with each other as they go through the day. The entire video is spoken in Spanish, but by using household objects the children know what is being said. At the end of each video there is a Rapid Review that reviews the vocabulary. The student will not remember everything from watching the video once, they will learn it through repetition.

The video and the Rapid Review are the two parts that have to be completed in the program. The rest is optional and students may or may not use them all. An older student that knows some Spanish may just complete these two and move on. A younger student that has no Spanish knowledge may want complete all the activities. The Guide for Teachers and Parents gives details to help you with each lesson. It is suggested that you complete one lesson twice a week. The lesson instructions tells us about how long it will take to complete each one. There is also a list of all the vocabulary words and lists the activities that should be completed such as workbook pages, geography, and when to use the stickers. 
Alaina loving the stickers!!

The student workbooks have glossy full color pages, they are very pleasing to look at. They work on the words that were in the video segment and cover grammar and geography. There are puzzles, charts, matching, and fill in the blank sentences. The answers to each worksheet is in the back of the book. The sticker pack is included to allow the student to mark the things in their own home with the Spanish name for it for constant review. The Squisher needs to earn enough bonus miles to earn a free airline ticket to visit his friend in The Go Squish Cardgame! It is similar to Go Fish and is recommended for 2-4 players.

My older two girls have had some Spanish in the past. Delaney knows more than any of the others & Alaina knows very little. All three of my girls watched the video segment reserving the activities and workbook pages for Alaina. Of course some of the activities and the card game are more fun if they all play. Alaina has been retaining more words than I thought she would very easily. Just watching the video segments have really helped the other two review a lot of what they already know and have added some new words to their vocabulary. 

Foreign Language for Kids by Kids is exactly that. The video segments include kids that do most of the talking in the video segments that make it very pleasing to other kids. The colorful workbooks are very appealing to children both visually and work content as well. This would make a great addition to any family that is wanting to learn to speak Spanish.  
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Foreign Language for Kids by Kids
Spanish Starter Set 1
Beginner Spanish Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids Review
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