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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

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LearnBop for Families Review
Like I've said before math is not a favorite subject in our house. We added LearnBop for Families from LearnBop to our summer to keep math fresh in my kids minds. 
LearnBop offers personalized math instructions for grades 3-12 using Roadmaps. It will help struggling students catch up or other students move ahead. LearnBop identifies gaps in the students math knowledge and then provides an individualized learning experience for each student. 
LearnBop for Families Review
The first day I logged in and created a user name and password for each student. I was able to select different grades for different students and I can go in and change them if needed. I could choose a Roadmap for grades 3-8, by grades 1-8 concepts, or algebra I, Algebra II, or Geometry. At first the student completes a Warm-Up which is a group of questions on one topic. After completing the Warm-Up the student is given video segments to watch based on how well they did on the Warm-Up. Once those lessons are completed there are questions that are called Bops that the student must complete with a 90% for mastery. Once those questions are mastered the student has the option of working on the same concept some more or move on to the next section. Each time the student completes a task they receive awards of achievement. 
When the student is logged in they can see their roadmap on the left side of their screen. It shows how many units there are and how many they have completed. There are also encouraging quotes at the bottom of the roadmap. The student can go to the progress page to see exactly how many achievement they need to receive to complete their roadmap. Some of the questions are multiple choice, true and false, drag and drop, graphing plots, shading, and sorting.
In the parent login I have access to all my kids progress. It shows me how much time they have used LearnBop, how many videos they have viewed and what concepts they have mastered on their roadmap.  
LearnBop for Families Review
Amber and Delaney have both been using this program, and they didn't have any trouble using the it. They both thought it was very user friendly and knew where they needed to be every time. I know some of the gaps my girls have, but LearnBop has helped them work on exactly what they need whether I realize they need it or not. I really like the step-by-step instruction when they missed their problems, because I want to make sure my girls master the math concepts and not just finish their work for the day.
LearnBop is a great place to get math help. It covers multiplication, geometry, fractions, decimals, statistics, and algebra. Students work at their own pace while LearnBop identifies their learning gaps. There are also comprehensive answers to questions that have been missed. The Family Plan can be used with 4 students and is $19.99 a month or $199.95 per year. For every subscription sold LearnBop is donating a subscription to student who needs it. 
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LearnBop for Families Review
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