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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Essential Skills Advantage Review #hsreviews #literacy #onlinelearning

Essential Skills Advantage Review

Essential Skills Advantage offers a Complete Home Learning Suite to supplement grades K-6 in reading, language & grammar, math, science, and geography. 
Essential Skills Advantage Review

ESA is an online subscription lasting for one year. It has been proven effective for over 15 years and is currently used in over 20,000 schools and homes around the world. There are over 14,000 activities in these subjects:
  • Reading ~ Grades K-6: Covers phonics and reading for grades K-2, reading for third grade, and reading comprehension in grades 4-6.
  • Spelling ~ Grades 1-6
  • Language & Grammar ~ Grades 3-6: Grammar, writing fundamentals, creative writing, and vocabulary are covered in this section. 
  • Math ~ Grades 1-6: Math operations and number concepts. 
  • Science ~ Grades K-3
  • Geography ~ Grades 4-6: Covers World Geography, American Geography, Canadian Geography, and Map & Globe Skills. 
Alaina started by using ESA American Geography for 6th grade. There are 143 activities on State Names, State Capitals, Major Cities, Bodies of Water, Physical Regions, Biomes, Time Zones, and Natural & Human Landmarks. The activities work on learning the names, locations, and spellings of the states, capitals, cities, and bodies of waters. They will also learn the names, locations, and characteristics of the regions, biomes, and landmarks. 

The activities would start off by showing maps of the United States. If she was working on the capitals the state would be highlighted yellow with a red star to represent the capital. There is a sentence under the map that tells the state and the capital and it is also read to the student. The activities get harder as they go. The student will choose the state on the map or they will spell the state or capital when it is highlighted on the map. The spelling lessons start by showing the name while the student types it with later activities the student will spell the name when they are shown the shape. 
Essential Skills Advantage Review
The reading comprehension offers several short stories to read with questions to check the students comprehension. The language & grammar covers grammar and spelling that even goes to ninth grade. The spelling starts by choosing the word that is spoken, then the student will spell the word when shown, in another activity the student chooses the shape that the word would fit in. The student also has to choose the correct word for a given sentence. 
The program is very easy to navigate. The student can choose between all grade levels and subjects from the menu at the top of the screen. That makes it perfect for a student who excels in one subject but needs to move down a grade or two with a subject they struggle with.

The parent can also check on the students status by viewing the Marks & Reporting. You can see how well the student is doing, how much of the program that has been completed, how much time they have spent, and generate a report card. 

Alaina hasn't used an official geography program in her school. We have maps hanging on our walls and we travel a lot so she knows quite a bit about the geography of the United States. She needs to work on her state capitals and some spellings so that is why we started with Geography. She has learned a lot from using ESA for just a few minutes a day and she is having fun with it.  

Essential Skills Advantage Review

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Essential Skills Advantage Review
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