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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Memoria Press Astronomy Review #hsreviews #classicaleducation #homeschooling

Logic, Greek Myths and Astronomy Memoria Press Review
I have to admit that I haven't done any formal study of Astronomy with my younger girls. We have a constellation app on y phone, we pick out constellations when we are out after dark, and we have discussed our solar system in general science but that is as far as it has gotten until now. Alaina has been using the Book of Astronomy from Memoria Press.
The Book of Astronomy is recommended for grades 3-5 and comes with a teacher guide and a student book. There are four units that cover the constellations, summer, fall, winter, and spring skies, the zodiac, the solar system, and so much more. The teacher guide and the student guide are exactly the same except the teacher guide has the answers filled in and the appendix contains unit tests and overheads. 
Alaina has been using this Astronomy book and she has really been enjoying it. She started out learning about constellations including their shapes, their seasons and their brightest stars. Each constellation has a brief introduction, boxes with the stars that form the constellation that the child connects to make the shape, and a chart to list 15 of the brightest stars and its constellation. The description includes how the the constellation got it's name and who named it. There are unit exercises throughout the book that are fill in the blank, tracing the constellations, and tables to fill in. Scripture is also used in the book along with a few black and white pictures. The appendix contains charts, definitions, and pronunciation guide. 
Alaina is my doodling child and she is loving all the drawing of the constellations in this book. She also made her own flash cards to help her study on her own. She took index cards and wrote the 15 brightest stars on them along with the constellation it belongs in, the season it appears in the sky, and a number indicating the brightness of the star. She color coded her cards and gave the brightest star a big "1" gradually making her numbers smaller with the "15" being the smallest for the fifteenth brightest star. On the backside of the card she drew the constellation the bright star belongs in. She has been learning one constellation a day. She reads the text, draws the constellation by connecting the stars, and filling in the questions or charts. She then spends a few extra minutes making her flashcard and drawing the constellations over and over. She is always wanting to share what she has learned with everyone else and tries to get them to recognize each constellation as she goes. This course has been really fun for her and she is retaining so much of the information. 
I like how simple this book is put together yet it contains so much information. Alaina hasn't had any trouble understanding what is being taught and I love that it discusses the sky in the different seasons. This is a great addition to any classical education. 
Memoria Press offers full classical curriculum for all grades that is easy to use. It is a family run publishing company founded in 1994. We have used many items from Memoria Press over the years that we have purchased and we have reviewed several. All the curriculum we have used has been very easy to implement and my kids have enjoyed using them all. 
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