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Thursday, March 31, 2016

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Logic of English Review

Logic of English is a company that wants to improve English literacy around the world. They take a common sense approach to learning to read and spell. We recently received Essentials 2nd Edition to review.
The Essentials program is recommended for students in grade 2-6 for a complete spelling, grammar, and vocabulary program. It can also be used with older students that struggle with any of these areas, or if they just want to know why English words are spelled the way they are. I chose to use Essentials with Alaina because she is not a very good speller. She reads very well and has a vast vocabulary, but she struggles with her spelling.

We received the Essential 2nd Edition Complete Set Volume 1 which includes:

Teacher's Guide Volume 1 ~ This 632 page hardback book covers lessons 1-15. All the lessons are scripted which makes implementing the lesson very easy on the teacher's part. There are also teacher supports and tips throughout the book. The activities, application, practice, assessments, and a review make up each lesson. The introduction is very important in this book. It contains many tips to help with the lessons, pre-lessons, and the placement test. It also contains the key to the symbols used throughout the teacher's guide. The back of the book contains list of spelling rules, phonograms, morphemes, grammar definitions, and a list of spelling words.

Student Workbook Volume 1 ~ This is a 316 page softcover workbook. There are several pages for each lesson. They include matching, writing definitions, dictation, composition, writing parts of speech, word searches, and bingo pages.

Spelling Journal ~ This is a softcover journal with 72 pages. Each page is organized into sounds and then spellings. The student will have their own reference book where they can look up the sound they need then find the correct spelling.

Phonogram & Spelling Rule Quick Reference ~ This is an 8 1/2" X 11" glossy heavyweight fold out that offers students spelling help quickly and easily.

Flashcards ~ There are cards for Spelling Rules, Grammar, Basic Phonograms, Advanced Phonograms, Phonogram Game Tiles, Phonogram Game Cards in cursive & bookface, and Morpheme Levels A, B, C. 
As you can see there are a lot of components to this curriculum and it is a little overwhelming at first. The main things are the Teacher's Guide and the Student Workbook. I took several days to read the introduction and to get myself familiar with how this program works. Each lesson should last a week with Day 1 covering the new phonograms, new spelling rules, and letter sounds. Day 2 reviews the phonograms and the spelling rules. A spelling analysis is done and the student writes in their Spelling Journal. Day 3 has a review of previous phonograms, spelling rules, and grammar along with new grammar and dictation. Day 4 has a review, has vocabulary words, dictation, composition, and reading. Day 5 also has a review and check the students understanding of what has been taught.
There are actually three levels in this one curriculum. Levels A, B, and C have three levels of spelling and vocabulary words to make teaching multiple grades easier. There are a lot of flashcards so you will want to get a container to keep all of them in one place.

After figuring out how this was set up it is very easy to use. The Teacher's Guide is meant to be read out loud to the student and then Alaina could work in her student book and spelling journal. The continual review that goes on each week is helping her to remember some phonograms that she would get mixed up before. I'm curious to see how her long term retention will be as she progresses in the program.

As we were using this I couldn't help but think about a boy we know that has some hearing problems early in life and his speech hasn't developed the way it should have. His mom has been unsure how to help him with his speech and this book could help them. How you form and say letters and words are physically described to help with correct pronunciation.

We were first introduced to Logic of English a couple of years ago when Alaina used the Rhythm of Handwriting Cursive book. She liked her cursive book and she has been enjoying using Essentials with her little box of flashcards. 
  Logic of English Review
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Logic of English Review
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