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Monday, March 7, 2016

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Here to Help Learning Review 
It's so nice having kids that like to write. I have some kids that love to write and always have a story in their head, some that hated to write and had to be forced to write anything, and some that don't mind writing if someone tells them what to write about. Alaina is one of my kids that likes to write if she has something specific to write about, but she can't always come up with something on her own. For the past month she has been using a new writing program from Here to Help Learning.
Here to Help Learning Review
Here to Help Learning is from a Christian perspective and will help homeschool children in grades 1-6 learn to master paragraph and essay writing. It can be used with individual students, multiple students or in a COOP setting. Grades 1-3 usually complete the Launching Paragraph Writing and grades 4-6 complete the Launching Essay Writing. The levels are called Flights and each one contains 32 lessons. It is recommended that each lesson be completed in two days.

Alaina has been using Flight 1 of the Launching Essay Writing part of the program. This is the first level for essay writing. All the lessons are set up the same way. The first day there are a few video segments to watch together and the second day the student completes the Flying Solo Assignments which is the independent work.
Day 1 includes the filmed instructions that has a couple of different segments and should take about an hour to complete.
  • Pre-Flight Checklist ~ This segment tells the students what supplies they will need for the lesson.
  • Flight Check In ~ Here the students are told to turn in their homework, and new worksheets are added to their notebook. There are also Discovery Tickets to be handed out and they can say their memory verse along with the film.
  • Take-Off ~ A writing warm up is included in this section and the students can say the writing process as they hear it here. 
  • Full Throttle ~ The main lesson is in this segment as well as any discussions and crafts. 
  • Flying Solo ~ Is an encouragement to the student before they begin their independent work.
Day 2 students complete their independent work and the recommended time for essay work is 60-90 minutes.

The filmed instruction starts with Beth Mora dressed as a flight attendant in the cabin of an airplane. She gives a Pre-Flight briefing to the viewer and instructs them to get their supplies ready and to check their attitude. The actual lesson part of the videos are given to a group of children and shows their involvement and input into the discussions. Character traits and memory verses are part of each lesson and children are continually encouraged to praise and thank God. The last filmed segment brings us back to the airplane and encourages kids to fly solo. The flight attendant introduces Captain Knucklehead (a dog) and he gives the Flying Solo assignment. Children are encouraged to do their best and told to get any help from their parents that they need. The flight attendant also tells the children if they feel like they are drowning they can stop, pray, and begin again.

The worksheets and directions to the parent for each lesson are directly underneath the video. It includes the instructions to the parent as to what needs to be printed for each student, and what they need to turn in.

There are plenty of resources available for the teacher to help the student with the writing process. There are grammar rules, lists of words that are frequently miss used, plural rules, and so much more.

At the end of the year each student will have completed six essays. They are taught the complete process from brainstorming to self publishing. The students will have six completed books to show for all their hard work.

 We baby sat my friends one-year old daughter for a couple of days and she watched all the videos with Alaina. 

Alaina really enjoys watching the videos. There is a little humor in them and she can see how the process works by seeing the kids interact in them, and  she loves Captain Knucklehead. I really like that the writing process is repeated over and over with the students. I printed out some of the resources and I included the writing process chart for her to keep in her notebook. I think this has really helped her see the big picture by understanding the process. She is the youngest of five kids and her sisters all love to write. They always have ideas to write about and Alaina sometimes gets frustrated that she actually has to work hard to get something written. By following the writing process she is becoming more confident in her writing. 

"Stop, pray, and begin again. Knowing that the Creator of all things is here to help you at any time."
~~Mrs. Mora the Flight Attendant

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Here to Help Learning Review
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