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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Fascinating Education Chemistry Review #hsreviews

Fascinating Education Review
Science can be interesting and fascinating, but sometimes if you are just reading from a textbook it can be very boring. Fascinating Education offers high school level Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as an alternative to traditional textbooks. Amber has been using Fascinating Chemistry the last few months and is finding it very interesting.

Fascinating Education was created by Dr. Margulies. He is a neurologist and understands how the brain works. He knows how we learn, focus, and retrieve information. His approach uses the audio-visual technique. This process uses the right hemisphere of the brain by using its ability to process images better than just reading the text.

The courses are taught with the assumption the student has no previous knowledge of the subject. Each lesson is given by using colorful images like a power point presentation while the lesson is taught. The student has access to the script of the audio and there is a test for each lesson. Dr. Margulies starts off by introducing an everyday observation and then he asks questions. Then the answer to that question leads to another question, and then another. The topic is covered one step at a time by answering questions. 
Fascinating Chemistry covers four ways that atoms bond to each other to create molecules and how each bond determines the properties of that molecule. The course is divided into 18 lessons with several subtopics for each one. There are some labs included and there are plans for more to be added. You will need a secondary password to access the labs because some of them use harmful chemicals and would need adult supervision. 

When the student first logs in they have a list of each lesson. This makes it very easy if you need to study a particular topic. You can access the lesson, the script, and the test from this screen.

The Script uses a few of the slides within them. These can be read online or you may print them out to follow along during the lesson.

On the side bar of each lesson the student can access the Lesson Menu and a Glossary. The section the student is currently viewing will turn light blue and the ones already completed will turn grey. The menu makes it very easy for Amber to see where she is in the lesson. Listing each subtopic individually makes it very easy to control how long is spent on science each day. It is also a big help when Amber needs to go back and review a certain thing. 

Some of the lessons contain math problems with the slide show and there is a test for each lesson. The tests and answer keys can be printed and completed on paper or answered online. If the tests are taken online they will be graded for you. The printed tests require a secondary password, so students cannot have access to the answers.The test scores are not maintained within the program.

Fascinating Education Review
Amber has been using Fascinating Chemistry for her primary science this year. We love the way this is taught. The questions asked make you want to listen for the answer and sometimes everyone in the room was watching the lesson because they wanted to know the answer too. I like that we have access to the entire course and can easily go back and review anything we need to. I will admit that Amber isn't doing very well on the tests, but I know she is retaining information she is learning because she has been explaining things to me. When we went to the state fair there was a display talking about neutrons. Amber had to explain to us everything she had learned in her science about neutrons. She said the things she is learning is very interesting to her and can easily recall things.

Amber has used Fascinating Biology in the past and other Schoolhouse Review members received the Biology and the Physics. Be sure and click to the Crew Blog and read some other reviews.

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Fascinating Education Review
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