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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Heartbreak Trail Review #CircleCRanch

My girls and I are huge fans of Susan K. Marlow's books. We have been reading them for years and we have read some books from all three of the Circle C series and we even like the Goldtown Adventures for boys. The Circle C Beginnings are recommended for ages 6-9, the Circle C Adventures are recommended for ages 9-14, and the Circle C Milestones are recommended for ages 12 and up. The Circle C books are about Andrea Carter growing up in the 1800's on the Circle C Ranch in California.

Heartbreak Trail is the second book in the Circle C Milestones series. Andrea is approaching her fifteenth birthday. More than anything she wants to go with her brothers on a two week cattle drive to Los Angeles. She wants to convince her family by showing them newspaper clippings of other women who don't fit in society's expectations of women. After convincing her family to let her go as the cooks helper her dreams are finally a reality. Andi learns that trail life isn't what she imagined, but she does end up helping out more than just the cook. She realizes how dangerous a cattle drive can be after dealing with cattle, horses, mosquitoes, flooded river, and mean cowhands. 

This newest series has been a great addition to the Circle C Ranch. There is plenty of adventure, hard work, dedication, commitment, and suspense for the reader. My girls all enjoyed reading it and they can't wait for book three The Last Ride coming in February 2016.

My girls love these horse stories so much that they are all three entering the Circle C Milestones writing contest. This contest is for children 18 and under. All entries must be submitted by August 21, 2015.

Disclaimer: I received Heartbreak Trail free of charge as part of the Kregel Blog Tour in order to write my honest review. All opinions are my own and no other compensation was received.

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