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Friday, April 24, 2015

U.S. History Detective Review

Disclaimer: I received U.S. History Detective Book One free of charge in exchange for my review. No other compensations was received. 

Amber loves The Critical Thinking Co. She has done Mind Benders from them for years & thinks they are fun. She also loves history, so when she found out about U.S. History Detective from Critical Thinking Co. she was thrilled to give it a try. 

U.S. History Detective Book 1 is a 330 page softcover book recommended for grades 8-12. It can be used as a stand-alone textbook, a review for older students, or a supplement to use with another textbook. There are 9 sections that contain 65 lessons. It covers the Colonial Era, Revolutionary era, Federal Era, Nationalism Era, Reform Era, Expansion Era, Sectional Conflict Era, Civil War Era, and the Reconstructing Era. Each lesson contains a reading segment, multiple choice questions, short answer and long answer questions along with fun facts. There are timelines, maps and color pictures throughout the text and review questions covering previous lessons throughout the book.

The text is very well written, each topic within a lesson is titled which really help my girls if they needed to go back and look for an answer to the questions. We loved the maps that are included. It made if very easy to locate places that were included in the text. The pictures that are placed throughout make a great addition to the book and makes things easier to remember. The girls favorite part are the Fun Fact Features, I think they went through the book to read them all before they even started using it. Some of the questions are multiple choice, but the student cannot just guess at the answer. They actually have to go back and find the sentence in the text where they got their answer.

My original plan was to work on U.S. History Detective Book One with all three of my girls, but Amber didn't want to wait for everyone else & she moved ahead of the rest of us. She was going to read one lesson a day, but she enjoyed reading the text so much that she reads more than one everyday.

The Critical Thinking Co. did not disappoint us with this history book. We love their Mind Benders and every other product we have used from them. U.S. History Detective would make a great addition to any home no matter if you children are taught at homes, public or private school.

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