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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

JazzEdge Review #hsreviews

JazzEdge  Review
My girls like music. They all three play piano, they all have a ukulele, we have a guitar, flute, saxophone, and a drum set. When the Review Crew was offered programs from JazzEdge I knew we should try one. I asked Amber if she wanted additional help with the piano or if she wanted to learn to play the drum set that was her brothers. She chose PianoWithWillie because she has been trying teach herself how to play by ear & wants to learn how to improvise. 
JazzEdge  Review
We received the Studio Access membership that lasts a year. It has over 3500 lesson chapters to chose from. When Amber first logged into PianoWithWillie she was given five steps to help her get started quickly. The five steps are Getting Started, 30-Day Success Playbook, Piano Foundation, Using The Site, and Next Steps. Amber then answered questions on the 21 Point Assessment. There were questions on her playing ability, how many years she has taken lessons, favorite genre of music, and other relevant questions. This assessment generated the piano plan that was right for Amber. 

I'll give you a little history on Amber's piano playing to give you an idea of how she answered the questionaire. Amber taught herself to play a primer level piano book when she was 6. Once she finished that I found her a piano teacher. After about a year of taking lessons Amber took a song to her teacher that she wanted to play. The teacher told Amber that it was to hard for her and to hold onto it for a couple of years. Amber was very frustrated with this and she came home and sat at the piano until she could play that song. We found her a new piano teacher that would help her flourish. She has also played specials at church and has played piano during the song service. 
The topic Amber was given to start with was Learning How to Improvise (advanced). This topic has 3 lessons: 
  • Basics of Improvisation ~ The total time for this lesson is 190 minutes. There are 21 chapters that cover chords and their inverstions, improvising with your right hand, left hand & hands together, beyond chord tones, and more. 
  • 4 Step Standard Mini Course- Step 4 Improvisation~There are only chapters in this one lasting a total of 57 minutes. This covers scales for improv. 
  • Faster Fingers 3B-Improvisations and Approaches~ 10 lessons chapters last 58 minutes in this one. It goes over approaches, melodic shells, and scale secrets. 
JazzEdge  Review
Amber viewed the lessons on her iPad mini. She could very easily take it to the piano with her & speed up, slow down, or pause the video whenever she needed to. This allowed her to play while her lesson was going on or right after the lesson. She also used the iPad to view some of the sheet music, but other pieces she wanted to print. 

Learning How to Improvise was a very good place for Amber to start. These lessons are giving her something she isn't learning by going through traditional piano lesson books. They are challenging her in a different way. The program itself has been very easy for Amber to use. The getting started videos really help you to understand how to use the website and figure out where you need to be. 

Willie Myette learned to play piano by learning to play chords & scales first. He then learned as much as he could from books and taught himself how to improvise. At age 16 he realized he had a love for teaching and published a dozen music books and developed PianoWithWillie.

 JazzEdge also offer DrumsWithWillie and Piano Basics.Some members of the Review Crew received these instead of PianoWithWillie. You can read those reviews on the Schoolhouse Review Crew Blog.
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JazzEdge Review
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