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Friday, June 5, 2015

Famous Men of Rome Review #hsreviews

Memoria Press Review

 History is our favorite subject to study. We love learning about people and events from the past. When the Crew was offered items to review from Memoria Press I knew we wanted one. I had trouble deciding on Famous Men of Rome or The Book of Ancient Romans Set. We received Famous Men of Rome & I'll be reading the reviews of Ancient Romans Set to learn more about it.
Memoria Press Review
Famous Men of Rome is written for grades 4-8. It is intended to be an introduction into Roman History. The authors John H. Haaren & A. B. Poland know that when kids read about interesting people they will actually see themselves in the story. That way children have a hunger to learn more about history that revolves around these characters they have envisioned themselves to be. 

This three book set includes Famous Men of Rome textbook, the Teacher Guide, and the Student Guide. There are stories of 29 men of Rome in this book including Romulus, Junius Brutus, Julius Caesar, Augustus, Nero and other men, some of which we have never studied. 

Famous Men of Rome is a 157 page softcover book that contains the stories of these famous men. There are pictures throughout the book some of the are in color and some are black and white. At the back of the book there is a glossary and colored maps of the Roman Empire, Ancient Rome & Ancient Italia. 

The Student Guide was written by Cheryl Lowe & Leigh Lowe. There are 120 pages in this softcover workbook. An introduction on how to use this book is in the front and there are two pages for each famous man. After five chapters there is a review & there are blank drawing pages throughout. In the back of the book there are supplemental pages that include maps, timelines, quotes, pronunciation guide, and excerpts from Horatius at the Bridge. Each lesson contains four parts; Facts to Know, Vocabulary, Comprehension Questions, and Activities. The Activities include adding dates to the timeline, map skills, research, drawing, memorizing, and more. 

The Teacher Guide is 172 page softcover book. It contains the exact copy of the Student Guide pages except the answers are included. There are also five lesson tests, a European Geography test and a final test included. 

In our school my kids all study the same thing for history with each girl having their own reading assignments and work that need to be completed. Famous Men of Rome makes a great addition to our history. I chose to read the textbook out loud to my girls during the review period to get a good feel for the content. Even though this is like a textbook the stories are written in a very engaging way that we all enjoyed and look forward to reading more. I used the comprehension questions orally to include all the girls and then Amber completed vocabulary, and facts you know questions, and then some of the activities she did on her own and others they worked on together. Although these are famous men there are some included that we had not heard of and some that we hadn't read much about, and of course there are some very familiar men.

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Memoria Press Review
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