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Thursday, June 18, 2015

CTC Math Review #hsreviews

CTCMath Review
Math doesn't always come easy for my kids. I have a couple of kids that numbers just click with them and then I have a couple that work hard to learn new concepts. Once in awhile they just need a new perspective or a different teacher. Several weeks ago we received access to the 12 Month Family Plan from CTC Math Your Online Maths Tutor.  
CTC Math is an online program that offers 57,000 questions in over 1300 video lessons for grades K-12 including algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and more. Children can work at their own pace independently. There are diagnostic tests that help pinpoint exactly what each child needs to work on. Each grade level or subject is divided into parts with each part divided into topics. The student can choose to work through the topics in order or choose one that they need to work on. 
Each topic lesson includes a video and a worksheet. The student is shown the problem, manipulative are shown to illustrate the problem as the lesson is described by Pat Murray. The original problem is written in black and any work that is completed during the video is written in red. The video can be rewound if the student needs more help or fast forwarded through if the child already knows what is being taught. The lesson summary can also be printed for easy review. The worksheet can be printed so the student can answer the problems with pen and paper and then enter their answers in an online version to be graded. If the problem is missed it will be highlighted yellow and the student can answer the problem again until they get 100%. If the student doesn't know where their error was on their written worksheet they can look at the solutions guide to figure out where they went wrong. The solutions guide is not available until the worksheet has been completed. 
Online worksheet the answers are typed in on a separate window from the lessons. 

Students are awarded with certificates for their hard work. There are several level that the student can achieve. There are also 4 levels of Speed Skills that cover addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
There is also a Parents Area. In this section the parent can see when the student logged in, what work was completed with the score. You can also generate progress reports, and see the level of certificates that have been achieved. 
The 12 Month Family Plan for homeschoolers is available for $118. This gives the family access to every grade level for up to 10 students for a year. 
Amber has been using CTC Math. She's not the best student when it comes to math, so I wanted some extra work for her this summer. She worked on order of operations, multiplication & division with powers, and more. She would watch the lesson video and then she would answer the questions that she knew directly on the computer instead of printing out the worksheet. There were some that she couldn't do in her head, so she would just work that problem on a piece of paper. She completed some lessons on the computer and others she worked on from the iPad, they both work great. Amber said she loves Pat Murray's accent and he explains things in a very easy to understand way. I really like that it is all independent. I'm sure the younger grades may need more help, but the high school level is very easy for Amber to figure out on her own. 
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