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Monday, March 30, 2015

Thick as Thieves Review #hsreviews

Thick as Thieves Book Review
I read a lot of books out loud to my family & I love when I find an author that everyone likes!! I just finished reading Thick as Thieves by Susan K. Marlow out loud to my kids and my husband & we all enjoyed it. 

Thick as Thieves is the first book in a new series from Circle C Milestones. This series is about teenage Andrea Carter. We started reading about Andi & her horse a few years ago in the Circle C Beginnings books and we are thrilled that we can read about her life as a teen. 

In San Joaquin Valley, California in the 1880's Andi would much rather spend time with her horse, Taffy, more than anything else. She is so excited for Taffy's first foaling that when the time comes Andi stays the night in the barn because she doesn't want to miss the big event. In the middle of the night Andi is forced to find her brother when she realizes something is not right with Taffy. 

Andi would love to spend her entire day training her new colts, but with school & chores she has little time left in her day for that. At home her family is worried about loosing cattle to the cattle rustlers and everyone is on edge. To make matters worse Andi is forced to befriend a new girl at school who is mean and cruel to everyone. Things get even worse when the cattle rustlers turn to stealing horses. Andi must learn to trust the one person she doesn't want to have anything to do with.

There is also a free 40 page Study Guide that goes with Thick and Thieves. There are vocabulary words, crossword puzzles, diagrams, a foal timeline to fill in, and even math problems from 1880. We learned about lice, cattle rustling, and the Palace Hotel in San Francisco. 
The day this book came in the mail everyone wanted to read it first. I decided that the best way to settle it was to read the book out loud. This series is recommended for ages 12 and up. I read it to all three of my girls (ages 10, 12, & 14), and Mike. Everyone enjoyed the book. As soon as the girls saw Andrea Carters name on cover they remembered the Circle C Beginnings books that they had read before. And Amber even remembered that we had read Golden Adventures by Susan K. Marlow. It's funny because the girls loved the young Andi series and they loved Tunnel of Gold, but they all agreed they liked Thick as Thieves the best. Could it be that they have grown with Andi and each book appealed to them at different ages. 

There is so much to like about this Christian fiction book. We loved the suspense and the mystery aspect. It also gave us a look at US History in the 1880s. We learned a little bit about the school, the children, how a ranch was ran, and even about indoor bathtubs. Since we read the book together the girls wanted to work on the study guide together too. We just printed out one copy of the guide and they went through and read and answered the questions together.

Thick and Thieves is a great book to add to any library. If your kids like historical fiction with a little adventure or they just love horses they will enjoy this new book from Susan K. Marlow. 

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Andi Carter said...

Thanks so much for your fun review! I'm surprised at how many of the Crew are not familiar with Andi and her family, and it was fun to read that your girls had remembered the little Andi from long ago. (There is also a 12 year old Andi in a series too). It's also great that you got a chance to learn some behind the scenes history from the guide. They are a lot of work to create, but I know fellow homeschooling moms appreciate getting more bang from your buck for literature.
Thanks again!
p.s. if the girls like Andi, they might get a kick out of Andi's blog. :-)
p.s. I have a Blogger account, and I like your "I'm not a robot" verification better than the one I use. Is it a Blogger option?

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