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Monday, March 23, 2015

Hot Air Balloon Cake #hotairballoon #funcake

Amber turned 14 this year. Her birthday is actually on pi day, but she doesn't like pie!! My kids don't eat a lot of cake any more, but when they do it is something special. Amber wanted a hot air balloon cake this year. No any ordinary hot air balloon. She wanted one that was flying or at least tethered to the ground. 

No big deal. We figured out exactly what she wanted & started designing our stand. Once we had our cake board dimensions figured out we gave them to Mike. He cut out the boards and drill the for the all threads. We decided to make the bottom part of the balloon out of cereal treats because we didn't need that much cake. 
She chose chocolate cake with cookies and cream filling!! 
She planned her design and decorated it herself. 
She made her basket and people out of modeling chocolate & fondant. 

We knew the cake would be top heavy and we wanted to carry it by the all threads. We didn't add the modeling chocolate for our tether ropes & our people until after we arrived. 
Amber & her younger sisters each made themselves to fly in the balloon. 
This is Amber in the front. 
This is Alaina.
This one is Delaney. She didn't use any color on her face, so the flash kept whiting out her face. Some day I will learn how to use my camera for my benefit!!

I think Amber did an excellent job!!! 
I'm just a little worried about what she might want next year. 

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