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Thursday, March 26, 2015

HomeSchool Office Review #hsreviews

HomeSchool Office Review
I will admit that some years our school is very organized and other years it seems chaotic. Having a plan is the best way to stay organized & I recently started using HomeSchool Office from Lord Heritage to help me. 
HomeSchool Office helps you get your home & school in order. You can create lesson plans, track student progress, generate reports for the current school year or from year to year. Having all this in one place will help in generating transcripts when the time comes. 

HomeSchool Office uses the acronym POWER; Plan Order Work Evaluate Report with biblical references to show us why we should be organized in this area. This plan can be beneficial in all aspects of life. They can be applied to your business, school, or just your personal life. 
When I first logged in there are tabs at the top of the page. You have Home, Team, Plan, Order, Work, Evaluate, and Report. By using these tabs in order it is very easy to create your lesson plans. I created my Team first. I added information about our school, each student, teachers, and you can also add resources & friends. The only other teacher my kids have is for their music lessons, but I think this feature would be very beneficial for those families that attend a co-op. 
Next I moved on to the Plan tab. In this section you can add the subjects and assign them to a student, you can plan your school days for the year, create a master schedule for each day, and keep track of any special projects or create a budget. When subjects are assigned the calendar days turn purple. To schedule a day off you just click on the day and it returns to its original color. There is also a school day total at the top of the page. That makes it very easy to see how many days you can take off for the school year & make changes. So, if your state requires so many school days & you take off any sick day through the year you know exactly how many you need to add to the end of the school year to meet state requirements. 

Under the Order tab I can create lists & print them. I can generate a calendar for the day, month, week, or a week or day list. The Work tab is where chores & jobs can be organized. You can add them to the calendar and print them just like the school calendar. Amber has 4 piano students and by adding them here she can go back and see how many lessons they have had or missed. 

Evaluate is the next tab and here you can keep track of each students grades & attendance. When creating reports in the Report tab you have the option of what you want on the report for each student. You can included their attendance, progress, goals, and a summary. Transcripts are also generated from here. You can chose the student and the year you would like a transcript for. You can also add a graduation date & if they have already graduated. 

We tend to be a very busy family and trying to manage our time can become overwhelming sometimes. I have to keep track of our home, school, outside activities, my home business, my blog, and my husbands erratic work schedule. I need to have some sort of organization to our chaotic lifestyle. HomeSchool Office is a great way to get everything in order and keep everyone on track for our day. I am also getting everything organized for high school. I cannot believe we are at this stage in school again. I want to create a high school plan for each of my kids individually so they can focus on some of their interest, but still get everything they need. Planning this on HSO gives me a visual and makes changing things very simple.

You can try HomeSchool Office free for 30 days. It could help you manage your homeschool, create high school transcripts, or just get organized.

HomeSchool Office Review
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