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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Great Parents Academy Review #hsreviews

Critical Thinking Company Review
 Alaina is my only child who likes math. The others have been a range from putting up with it to hating it. When I showed Alaina the GPALEARNMATH from GPA LEARN she couldn't wait to try it.   
GPA stands for Great Parents Academy and their team is made up of lifetime learners who want to provide a fun way to teach children math. They believe a love for learning is the key to a child's success.

GPALEARNMATH is a math program for children in grades K-5. It has 150 lessons and over 10,000 problems per grade. If a child completes 4-5 lessons a week they will complete one grade in 10 months.

Alaina worked on 4th grade in GPA. Sometimes she worked on the computer and other times she used the iPad. When she first logged in her dashboard would appear. Here she can see how many lessons were completed, how many were attempted and any awards she had earned. There are tabs at the top that allow her to navigate the program. Her choices are Dashboard, Learn, Engage, & Motivate. You can also ask other members to be your friend. 
In the Learn section the student has access to their math problems. The Engage section is where you find your friend code and send and view your messages. Under the Motivate tab you can build your child's Surprise List. There are rewards you can choose for you child to earn after lessons are completed. The awards can be chosen from a list or the parent can make their own. 

Alaina had access to three sections: 
  1. Operations & Algebraic Thinking
  2. Number and Operations in Base Ten & Number and Operations - Fractions
  3.  Measurement and Data & Geometry
Each category has it's own row of problems. When the child has mastered that section they will have 3 stars colored in and the award is stamped on the square. When a lesson has been chosen you have the choice of Alaina using the lesson or having me use it. Each lesson has instruction, practice problems, and a quiz.

The 4th grade lessons are given by a Hooty Owl. During the lesson she uses a lot of "fowl language". She calls the students her little fledglings,  and uses words like hootastic & hooty hoot. The lesson can be listened to (in a computer voice) or it can be read at the bottom of the screen. After the lesson there are practice questions that are not scored. If the problem is missed the owl will ask again what you are looking for. If you are completely stuck you can use 3 lifelines to show the answer. There are around 15 questions on the quiz and it doesn't show you the ones you miss until the end.
I think this is a great way to have a math tutor online. It has a feel more like a math game rather than actual school. I did think some of the problems were a little wordy, but Alaina didn't seem to mind.
She liked working on GPA because she thought it was fun. She liked the stories that the Hooty Owl told to get the concepts across. She is a joke telling girl and she thought the owlisms were very funny, and she loved the fireworks that were at the end of the lessons. She did became frustrated that the quiz would not save until she completed all the problems. Two times she had to start the quiz over. One time she got up & her sister closed out her browser & the other time the computer froze up on her and when she logged back on she had to start over.

This is a great way to help students with math concepts in a fun way. 

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